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bikeguyinvenice 12-07-13 04:37 PM


Originally Posted by bikeguyinvenice (Post 16209659)
From his last truly good cd

I agree with you on that one, seems like all his stuff since that one has been on a down hill slide. I've been a fan of him since I became aware of him in the early 80's, but have come to appreciate most of his stuff even his earlier days with Black Sabbath. I actually saw him is concert just once for the "No More Tears" tour.

Zinger 02-15-14 10:00 PM

skidder 05-10-14 08:25 AM

Bumping this thread

skidder 05-10-14 08:35 AM

skidder 05-10-14 08:40 AM

. . . and the acoustic version of "Ball and Chain"

Deal4Fuji 05-10-14 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by skidder (Post 16746072)
. . . and the acoustic version of "Ball and Chain"

Good band - good song ! I didn't know there was a 90's day. Here's one of the best live recordings I've seen. The Cure at the height of their game in '92 before Robert Smith got pudgy....Simon Gallop really shines on this song :

BenzFanatic 05-10-14 01:45 PM

Man this thread brought back some memories. My dad dated a few Linda Perry-esque women in those days.
<a href=";feature=kp" target="_blank"> Can't forget this classic weird one
<a href="" target="_blank">

skidder 05-17-14 08:13 AM

Jules Shear, 1992. One of my favorite songwriters since he first popped on to the music scene here in Los Angeles with a group known as 'Jules and the Polar Bears'. I still have their vinyl debut album:

Deal4Fuji 05-17-14 08:29 PM

[QUOTE=BenzFanatic;16746564]Man this thread brought back some memories. My dad dated a few Linda Perry-esque women in those days.

Can't forget this classic weird one QUOTE]

2 good songs BenzFan. What a unique voice from the CTD's singer, here's another song from them that got some radio play :

CbadRider 05-17-14 09:22 PM

skidder 05-23-14 03:27 PM

Posting this late on Friday since I'll be gone on Saturday. From 1992, my idea of a true 'super group'. Too bad they only made one album:

Deal4Fuji 05-24-14 05:56 AM voices + looks

Deal4Fuji 05-31-14 03:55 AM

A little harder cover of Blue Monday from Orgy - '99

clemsongirl 06-02-14 01:12 AM

Deal4Fuji 06-07-14 09:01 AM

BenzFanatic 06-07-14 10:59 AM

End of the decade, but a memorable one.

And another good one from Oasis

mconlonx 06-07-14 12:24 PM

Deal4Fuji 06-14-14 07:30 AM

Sixty Fiver 06-14-14 07:43 AM

skidder 06-14-14 08:03 AM

This'll put a smile on your face:

I dared a couple who were both marrying for the second time (bet a case of Guiness) to play this at their wedding. They used it as their 'first dance' song. I think we all won that bet!

trsidn 06-14-14 12:28 PM

trsidn 06-14-14 12:45 PM

Deal4Fuji 06-28-14 07:29 AM

Love bands with more than 1 singer. Just a little past 90's

clemsongirl 06-28-14 08:31 AM

BenzFanatic 06-28-14 12:02 PM

Ah this thread gets me every time. Before I had even thought about "90's music saturday," I heard 2 radiohead and a cranberries song.

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