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no motor? 11-18-13 09:59 AM


Originally Posted by bikeguyinvenice (Post 16253515)
This guy does not get enough mainstream airtime.

jsharr beat you to that in post #6 here.

bikeguyinvenice 11-18-13 10:54 AM


Originally Posted by no motor? (Post 16255969)
jsharr beat you to that in post #6 here.

Sure but that was "Worst song ever" thread, this is the under rated musician thread. I LOVE "chocolate rain", it an absolute musical masterpiece, Tay will go down in history as one of the most influential musicians of the 21st century.

BR46 11-20-13 08:04 PM

There are so many
I have a hard time with just 6 strings
Ryan Baer
This girl just rocks
I could go on and on there are just to many to list of under rated musicans

BR46 11-20-13 08:09 PM

Tommy Emmanuel classical gas

Zinger 11-21-13 03:49 AM

A very good piano player here that usually was known as part of Muddy Waters band but did some pretty good stuff on his own was Otis Spann.

Trakhak 11-21-13 05:39 AM

Ollie Halsall of Patto. if you've heard music by The Rutles, you've heard him on guitar, bass, and keyboards, together with Patto's drummer, John Halsey, also criminally underrated, who played Barry Wom in the Rutles. Here's a live-in-the-studio cut with Ollie at his wildest from 1972:

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