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bluefoxicy 11-18-13 12:27 PM

Exploratory meditation and dreaming
Anyone practice lucid dreaming?

I've recently started to notice that I dream when I'm awake. If I'm trying to sleep, my thoughts will break away into a dream-like state, which I follow through with while retaining depressed awareness of the world around me. Essentially I'm awake and thinking, but my thoughts are blurred into dream-like thoughts rather than your typical cognitive thoughts--no conscious goals or problem solving, but rather self-driven to the point that the events and even characters present are autonomous.

I've been doing some exploratory meditation, trying to meditate (insight meditation) while in a sleeping posture and allow those thoughts to form. Usually I lay there thinking, and my thoughts naturally drift out of my control as I move to a dream state. With this experiment, I'm not intentionally controlling my thoughts; but I am intentionally controlling my mental state. What's resulted is a much weaker effect, but one that I can somewhat control: I've been able to consciously examine the world around me and my thoughts without breaking the dream state (eroding it, but not outright breaking), so it continues for a short while and I get to build an understanding of the phenomena.

My goals here are to understand the dream state; to induce dreaming; to remember my dreams; and to enter lucid dreaming states. Potentially, I should be able to enter a sleep state without losing conscious connection with the world or awareness; the dream states that have prompted this exploration do provide sleep-like rest. With such control, I may be able to raise myself from sleep more slowly and allow my memories to consolidate, allowing for greater recall and recording of my dreams.

Has anyone tried this?

StupidlyBrave 11-18-13 01:08 PM

Coincidentally, I am listening to Pink Floyd right now.

StupidlyBrave 11-18-13 01:09 PM

Echoes (recorded live at Pompeii ), by the way.

no motor? 11-18-13 02:57 PM

You mean this is reality? :twitchy:

ahsposo 11-18-13 03:14 PM


Originally Posted by no motor? (Post 16256940)
You mean this is reality? :twitchy:

...this is all a dream we dreamed
one afternoon long ago...

Artkansas 11-18-13 03:17 PM

I wouldn't say I practice. But I do it a lot.

ilikebikes 11-19-13 09:25 AM

I don't know what its called or if it even has a name but I can usually control my actions (to an extent) when I'm having a nightmare, I can also (usually) wake myself up when my nightmare is getting to weird/scary for me. Another thing I do is sleep on a problem I'm trying to solve, mostly when I'm building something. I just go to bed that night with the problem fresh in my head and I can usually solve the problem while I'm asleep and dreaming about it, then I wake myself up and jot it down, if I don't I'll forget it quickly. Ive been able to do this all my life so to me its normal, I thought it was some thing every one did. I found out its not. If there's a name for this stuff please let me know.

no motor? 11-19-13 11:18 AM

Try reading Kerouac's Book of Dreams before you go to sleep. That should make things more interesting for you.

mconlonx 11-19-13 11:28 AM


Originally Posted by bluefoxicy (Post 16256477)
Has anyone tried this?

Yes. It's a fun state to play around with. But I think the preliminary state, actively thinking while drifting into a dreamlike state, is not quite lucid dreaming. Good practice, but a bit different.

For me, it's easiest to get into this state when traveling and bored. All distracting media is exhausted for entertainment value and you're left with just what's in your head. But things are too hectic around you or you're not quite tired enough to try for a nap/sleep. Thinking turns into visualization and when reality fades into the background to favor this imaginary landscape, there you are. Active and thinking/conscious, but in a dreamscape. Except I find I still have some at least superficial connection with reality as well, as if they are superimposed together, with one reality or another fading more or less into view.

Other times I've experienced mind states like this are when unconscious for some reason outside control -- getting knocked out, fainting, passing out--or in times of other out of body experiences, like emergencies, disease with dramatic temperature, etc....

This mindstate seems different than sleeping dreams, more like, but also different than ilikebikes reports on being active in nightmares, which I can exactly relate to as well.

I do look forward to hard travel for this reason, this shortcut into a useful altered state -- red-eye flights with long layovers, intercontinental flights in economy with an aisle seat, cross-country bus trips. Another route for me is final savasana after an hour and a half of Bikram yoga, which indicates an endorphin/hyperventilation connection. Further to this, the other day at the dentist, getting two crowns, during breaks, I found this type of consciousness accessible; might have something to do with an athletic "high" if one bothered to get mental after big exertion; probably forms a base for tantric practice and sex magick.

And none of this has much at all to do with reality seen through the lens of ingested psychedelics/hallucinogens/entheogens, but maybe a bit to do with directed use of such.

I've lucked into lucid dreaming once or twice in my life without trying. When I've tried to develop the technique, I've failed miserably. Same thing with trying to keep any kind of dream journal.

SonataInFSharp 11-19-13 12:55 PM

At one time I was fabulous at lucid dreaming, so much so that I did a lot of research on the subject in college to better understand it. I still can't articulate how I did it, but I haven't been able to for a while. I should try again!

Zinger 11-20-13 05:04 AM

Try drinking a bottle of Nyquil.

jbchybridrider 11-20-13 07:22 AM

I don't remember to much about it but when I was a kid my older brother followed a book by a dream therapist were he would have pen and note book next to his bed. As soon as he woke would write down exactly what he dreamt before forgetting it.
Over time getting better at remembering dreams and more in depth he could take control of dreams and looking back through dream notes could see patterns and gain more control and understanding of his dreams.

That was back in the late seventy's and he really got right into it.

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