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Darth Lefty 11-20-13 01:10 AM

Peanut oil or bacon grease, and sourdough. I actually really like shredded sharp cheddar from a bag, but for a snobby treat try camembert and cranberries.

3alarmer 11-20-13 01:55 AM need to use decent bread, and I find I prefer the results if I first toast the bread, then grill it.

Zinger 11-20-13 02:50 AM

For grilled cheese I like Velveeta.....sliced nice and thick on white bread. Boil the margarine in a cast iron skillet. Throw the whole thing on it. Repeat for the other side. Vlasic Farmers Garden Kosher Dill spears on the side.

otg 11-20-13 02:52 AM

Cast iron is the key, mine are all about 80 years old.

bikeguyinvenice 11-20-13 03:20 AM

My preference is hearty white bread, a combination of american cheese and pepperjack with little chucks of ham. I just use a good non stick pan and just enough butter to give it the golden look when it's done.

JGM411 11-20-13 04:20 AM

dill or bread & butter pickles with yellow mustard.

a tangy bowl of tomato soup tops it off.

jbchybridrider 11-20-13 04:41 AM

I can't be bothered heating up the grill. I just toast the bread, tear up cheese slices heaped on the toast and microwave it till it bubbles.

mrodgers 11-20-13 06:31 AM

I'll I think 3rd the pickles. Must have pickles. Also I give the bread and butter a dusting of garlic salt before slapping down on the griddle.

Notgrownup 11-20-13 06:56 AM

Good sourdough bread like Pepperidge farm or fresh from the bakery, REAL BUTTA....Real Provolone and sharp chedda....don't burn it...I like to cook it in the pan and put a cover over it to steam melt the cheese... specially if the bread is cut thick..Sonetimes i put ham or pastrami in it if it's lunch time.... Also a bowl of my homemade chicken soup...MMMMM!

Will G 11-20-13 07:00 AM

Butter the outside, apply shredded parmesean. Throw into pan parmesean side down, add cheddar, top with other side with outside buttered, apply more shredded parmesean. The parmesean will cook to crispy exterior with the creamy interior.

ModoVincere 11-20-13 07:10 AM

damn there's a lot of you who know how to mess up a simple grilled cheese sandwich.

kknh3 11-20-13 08:07 AM

Plain: Velveeta on wheat sandwich bread, Fancy: turkey & swiss on sourdough from bakery. Leave butter on counter to get soft. Spread butter liberally on one side of each slice. Assemble sandwich and grill each side. Like others said, correct temperature is the key to getting the cheese melted without burning the bread, especially with meat added.

Sourdough, pastrami and swiss is also good. The same can be said for Velveeta, baloney and wheat. YUM YUM

lenA 11-20-13 08:16 AM

some of us don't eat grain

your favorite cheese between thick slices of portobello mushrooms or a bacon weave.. or between slices of juusto cheese for a grilled cheese-cheese sandwich

himespau 11-20-13 08:56 AM

Cast iron skillet or griddle with a little crisco on it when the pan gets nice and hot. Some (room temp) margarine on the outside of the bread (both sides). Velveeta between the bread (bread itself not too important). Maybe a little ham too if you're getting fancy.

I've done a nice jewish rye (or pumpernickel) with ham and swiss (or smoked gouda) as an alternative and it was really nice, but it wasn't a grilled cheese. Just a hot, ****ing delicious sandwich. Also, those who put grape jelly on their grilled cheeses are witches and must be purified through fire lest they spend eternity in the hellfires of damnation.

monogodo 11-20-13 09:02 AM

butter the outside of the bread
3 slices of Kraft American Singles

I've also subbed Benedictine Monk-made Grueyere cheese for the Kraft American.

klondike300 11-20-13 09:09 AM

Some sort of sharp/hard cheese. Shave cheese finely. Get some dark chocolate chunks and shave those in with the cheese. Butter both sides of bread and use grape seed oil in pan. Brush non-pan side of bread with oil and put parmesan on outside of bread. It will start to melt then flip it and repeat on other side. Makes an awesome crust on the outside of the sandwich. The chocolate and hard cheese make an awesome combo.

dstrong 11-20-13 09:36 AM


Originally Posted by ModoVincere (Post 16261767)
damn there's a lot of you who know how to mess up a simple grilled cheese sandwich.


2 slices Oroweat Oatnut bread, 3 slices of medium or sharp cheddar. Heat pan to medium high, butter one side of each slice with soft butter. Put first slice butter side down in pan, put the cheese on the nekkid side, place other slice of bread on cheese, butter side up. Wait until first side is brown. Flip. Wait until second side is brown. Remove from pan with first side down on plate (reduces condensation on underside of sandwich). Cool 3 - 5 minutes so sandwich can set. Eat.

sknhgy 11-20-13 09:40 AM

A grilled cheese should be plain and simple. Save the gourmet stuff for something else.

kgoings 11-20-13 09:44 AM

I love me some Grilled Cheese!

Darth Lefty 11-20-13 09:45 AM

When any of you say "You need to use real butter - don't burn it!" what I hear is "too much attention needed, shouldn't bother."

And anything that requires cooking / chopping ingredients first - no, I just wanted a snack.

dstrong 11-20-13 09:55 AM


Originally Posted by Darth Lefty (Post 16262163)
When any of you say "You need to use real butter - don't burn it!" what I hear is "too much attention needed, shouldn't bother."

And anything that requires cooking / chopping ingredients first - no, I just wanted a snack.

I think of grilled cheese as a meal, not a snack...usually it's lunch. If I'm really feeling ambitious, I add meat to it...ham, turkey and tuna are my favorites.

nondes 11-20-13 10:03 AM

I never use a second slice of bread - toasted quality bread with 3-year old Cheddar or Wensleydale under the grill til it stars to bubble, then a couple of slices of tomato and grill some more. Home-made chutney or Branston pickle to top it off.

Open grilled cheese on toast topped with a poached egg is a special breakfast.

trsidn 11-20-13 10:14 AM

can't ya just feel yer arteries cloggin' up?

Wulf 11-20-13 10:39 AM

I have one of these too. I love it!

Grilled cheese:
Sourdough bread
Sharp chedar or Colby or Gouda.
Slice of ham or bacon
Dijon mustard
Tomato slice
Bread&butter pickles.

Also Welsh Rarebit is a favorite of mine. (Toasted cheese if you are an OBrien fan)

Shifty 11-20-13 11:13 AM

A hearty seven grain bread, medium sharp Tillamook cheddar cheese and lots of Ortega green chilies. Use the whole chilies and put lots of them on.

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