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GP 11-21-13 10:38 AM


Originally Posted by mapeiboy (Post 16263516)
One year gym membership + a weight scale . :thumb:

I gave my wife a membership to a new gym for our anniversary. She loves it but she's a gym person.

Artkansas 11-21-13 02:21 PM


Originally Posted by bikeguyinvenice (Post 16265712)
Well I vote against any kitchen or household appliances. Those imply you want her to do more cleaning or cooking.
Jewelry is usually appreciated.

+1. That's why the pots and pans that Modo suggested would be so brilliant as gift wrapping. The let down before the delight.

overthehillmedi 11-21-13 05:18 PM

But would she even look inside the pots before she started using them on your head? :D

Wilbur Bud 11-23-13 08:30 AM

Got any pets? Buy a heart shaped locked and stuff in the pet pics

How about a newspaper from the day she was born? Up to you to buy a true newspaper from some discarded library archive or a fake reprint, so be sure you get what you want.

Night in a hotel room? But be sure to reassure her you'll be fine staying at home

World's best chocolate?

apclassic9 11-23-13 09:41 AM

Victoria Secret gift card, a new set of deluxe hangers for her clothes (perhaps with a set of cachets to scent the closet?)or a total closet organizer system, one of proflower's monthly flower plans, if she wears suits, an art-deco or antique lapel pin, if she skis - a new ski suit & weekend ski getaway, some special x-mas tree ornaments, coach handbag, beautiful crystal stemware & wine/champagne? On the other hand, I always appreciate new potholders - but then, I've been married for 31 years!

Siu Blue Wind 11-23-13 12:19 PM


Originally Posted by Wilbur Bud (Post 16271322)

Night in a hotel room? But be sure to reassure her you'll be fine staying at home

Erm.... You're doing it wrong....

Siu Blue Wind 11-23-13 12:21 PM

Okay since we are saying what WE like...

I've got to say that one of the best surprises I got was an FSport suspension. :D

apclassic9 11-23-13 01:57 PM

I'm actually campaigning for a new kitchen door.... The one we have is, I think, original to the house (pre WWII) & is falling off its hinges, plus, after a few glass replacements and one final plexi-glass replacement (which is, alas, duct-taped together at this point), AND the dog's foot-hold hole in the screen door (to open it, of course... and then brute-force his way through the wood/glass door)... I'm ready. I've printed out pictures of acceptable pre-hung doors from Lowe's & HomeDepot... I figure, while we're at it, might as well get a door a modern fridge can fit through without having to take the sucker apart!

Has the OP found any random ads lying about the house? Could be a hint??

overthehillmedi 11-23-13 05:13 PM

I scored a Cowichan Indian sweater last night and the three ladies I showed it to today all wanted it. No go as it's already spoken for. Be a good winter wearer for the OP wife. It's similar to this one. Any body who tries to sell you a "Cowichan" sweater that has any colour than white, grey and black in the design is trying to fob off a fake to you.

ilikebikes 11-23-13 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by C Law (Post 16262983)
Dick in a box?

I think we have a wiener!

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