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TiBikeGuy 11-20-13 03:59 PM

Virtual Tour Through Iguazu Falls
Take a Virtual Tour Through Iguazu Falls!

In 2011, Iguazu Falls in South America was announced as one of the seven winners of the New Seven Wonders of Nature by the New Seven Wonders of the World Foundation. We wholeheartedly agree with this decision; this is a place of green magic, of water, rainbows and stunning beauty.

That is why it's a great place to visit, even if you are currently sitting in a chair! Take this virtual tour through one of earth's most magical places! Instead of spending lots of money and time to travel down to South America to view the most awesome waterfall in the world, just click on the link below. It is best to watch in full screen mode.

Allen 11-20-13 04:57 PM

404 link

TiBikeGuy 11-20-13 07:52 PM

Sorry about that ..the link is fixed now.

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