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windhchaser 11-21-13 08:55 PM

bruce jenners male or female?
wtf did he do to his face .when ik was a kid he was a dude

bikeguyinvenice 11-21-13 09:09 PM

LOL yeah he has had one too many "cosmetic procedures"

windhchaser 11-21-13 09:24 PM

lol he payed to look like that?

Will G 11-22-13 07:20 AM

There seems to be people in Hollywood that want to fight aging with surgery. Unfortunately, instead of ageing gracefully and looking older, they flail madly and grow older looking weird. Still entertaining in a train wreck sort of way.

jsharr 11-22-13 08:58 AM

Hollywood loves to play human Mr. Potato Head.

C Law 11-22-13 09:07 AM

yeah, he went full on joan rivers. I think they get addicted to it for some reason.

UtahRider 11-22-13 09:18 AM

Yeah, I noticed that a couple of months ago as well. He/She looks messed up, big time/scary.

MangoPumpkin 11-22-13 12:07 PM

He does look like a chick, but Kris Jenners (his ex-wife) looks like a dude.

CbadRider 11-22-13 03:07 PM

Maybe he's a Star Trek DS9 fan.

rumrunn6 11-27-13 09:50 AM

wutz he gonna do for money now that he's part of that circus?

trackhub 11-27-13 10:52 AM


Originally Posted by CbadRider (Post 16269708)

Can he turn into liquid and pour himself into a bucket?

Who was the B-level actress who had herself severely "boobified"?

OneGoodLeg 11-27-13 11:18 AM

That's not plastic surgery doing that to him. The life force is slowly being sucked out of his body by the power of the Kardashian, it's the same force that compells people to watch a show about some really uninteresting people.

He actually looks good compared to Steven Tyler, who is frequently seen around the south shore of Boston. My friend was behind him in line at the grocery store one day and he really didn't realize it at first, he thought it was an old lady. Seriously, dude looks like a lady, aye aye.

colorider 11-27-13 11:32 AM


Originally Posted by C Law (Post 16268498)
yeah, he went full on joan rivers. I think they get addicted to it for some reason.

Or they get a bad first one and are forever trying to "fix" it.

Homebrew01 11-30-13 09:03 PM

Bruce Jenner looks ok compared to some of the botched "improvements"

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