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bikeguyinvenice 12-04-13 05:57 AM

Finish this sentence "Before I die I want to ________ "
Read this story on Yahoo,
So I thought we could do the same thing on Foo.

Before I die I want to bicycle across the United States.

jdon 12-04-13 07:41 AM

...tie up all the loose ends.

oh.. and retire.

skijor 12-04-13 10:41 AM

Kill the Threadkiller thread. That is one tough hombre'

1nterceptor 12-04-13 10:48 AM

Understand the IRS tax code.

3alarmer 12-04-13 10:52 AM (and finish up all my damn project bicycles.)

otg 12-04-13 11:11 AM

Ride my bike in the Alps.

colorider 12-04-13 11:26 AM

Travel the world - or at least a goodly portion of it.

jdon 12-04-13 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by skijor (Post 16300193)
Kill the Threadkiller thread. That is one tough hombre'

Start with the "Latest cycling purchase" thread and work up.

bikeguyinvenice 12-04-13 09:21 PM

hike the Appalachian Trail south to north

jhawk 12-04-13 09:55 PM

Cycle around the World with the woman I love.

Sixty Fiver 12-04-13 10:07 PM


Sixty Fiver 12-04-13 10:14 PM

Become a burden to our grandchildren.

skijor 12-04-13 11:08 PM

Unstick my _ key. heh

Artkansas 12-04-13 11:14 PM

want to see attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion and watch C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate.

skijor 12-04-13 11:20 PM

^Hard to believe that movie did so-so at the box office. Now it's considered right up there with the absolute best of the genre.

Kidd69 12-04-13 11:21 PM a self supported tour of the US.

Machka 12-05-13 01:00 AM

I read an article called 50 Things To Do Before I Die back in the late 1990s, and I made my list of 50 Things ...

I accomplished many of those things over the years, and after travelling around the world for 8 months last year (one of the things on the original list :)), I re-did the list ... and now I've got about 80 Things on my list. :D

A few examples mentioned on a recent thread ...

I've just got to decide what to do first!

genec 12-05-13 08:19 AM

I'd love to see Antarctica... and the aurora borealis... I understand there is also a southern version called aurora australis.

bikeguyinvenice 12-05-13 08:30 AM

sail the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Mediterranean in a 35' cruising sailboat.

ModoVincere 12-05-13 08:50 AM

complete my mission...

bikeguyinvenice 12-05-13 09:01 AM

invent a green, renewable energy source to power our homes, businesses and vehicles.

Cache 12-05-13 12:21 PM

grow old.

bikeguyinvenice 12-05-13 12:26 PM


Originally Posted by Cache (Post 16303725)
grow old.

wheres the fun in that.

eja_ bottecchia 12-05-13 01:43 PM

Ride my bikes on a Grand Tour of Europe, including L'Etape de Tour.

After I am done with that, come home and grow old peacefully and happily while watching my family grow and prosper.

jsharr 12-05-13 01:54 PM

take all of you with me.

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