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rumrunn6 12-04-13 08:30 AM

Holiday Gift Fail
Holiday Gift Fail

'tis the season to be giving. in the interest of not failing it might be fun to list stuff we've received and felt like saying (but didn't) "WTF this gift stinks" I'll go 1st

Shake Weight Dumb-bell

I got this is a family grab bag last year and knew I would never use it - wifey thought she would but it's still sitting on the floor next to her dresser and I don't think she used it more than once. It design is an interesting concept but without compliance (using it) nothing will happen ...

Anyone else get something they wish they hadn't. let's help each other out and not give lame gifts ppl won't want or use. Let's NOT waste our money!

ModoVincere 12-04-13 08:42 AM

The shake weight is just extra practice.....

rumrunn6 12-04-13 08:43 AM

at not ... LOL

himespau 12-04-13 08:51 AM

I get the same couple of cheap tools every year. They usually end up going in to my work to be back up back up tools and get left there when I move on to a new job. Never had a shake weight but had a brother in law who got one from my parents once (at his request).

jsharr 12-04-13 09:09 AM

You would have preferred a Tug Toner?

bikebuddha 12-04-13 09:19 AM

ossdigital 12-09-13 12:23 AM

The idea of preferring a tug Toner seems fine :)

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