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3alarmer 12-09-13 11:06 AM

...has very good reason to be humble.

ModoVincere 12-09-13 11:07 AM

Has purty lips.

McFlurrey06 12-09-13 11:18 AM

Remembers the 5th of Novemeber

jsharr 12-09-13 11:25 AM

Does not let his learning difficulties define him.

McFlurrey06 12-09-13 11:29 AM

Has perfect delivery for a back-handed compliment.

jsharr 12-09-13 11:34 AM

Receives said compliments with equal amounts of grace and wit.

skijor 12-09-13 11:40 AM

Never took down his Cheryl Tiegs poster.

ModoVincere 12-09-13 11:41 AM

Looks almost as good as Cheryl Tiegs did.

3alarmer 12-09-13 08:44 PM can depend on him. For instance, he's almost never late for dinner.

ahsposo 12-09-13 08:59 PM

He always brings his own spoon.

skijor 12-09-13 09:02 PM

Has been very supportive of me and my quest to not lie for a year.

ahsposo 12-10-13 04:51 PM

Would never tell a lie!

3alarmer 12-10-13 05:20 PM

...he's a lot younger than he looks.

MillCreek 12-10-13 07:45 PM

His intellect does not correlate with his appearance.

ahsposo 12-10-13 07:55 PM

Spends lavishly on the less fortunate people in his country club.

EthanYQX 12-10-13 08:15 PM

Owns the country club.

MillCreek 12-10-13 09:30 PM

Owns a club.

3alarmer 12-10-13 10:05 PM

...that he does not receive more popular acclaim is simply an accident of history.

Artkansas 12-11-13 01:38 AM

Witnessed his parents being murdered. Is now fabulously rich and a part-time crime fighter.

ahsposo 12-11-13 06:36 AM

Has the cutest lisp!

Siu Blue Wind 12-11-13 07:44 AM

Doesn't get too bad in TH.

ahsposo 12-11-13 09:19 AM

Practices moderation in all things.

ModoVincere 12-11-13 09:24 AM

Has a good sense of humor that makes up for his looks.

3alarmer 12-11-13 10:29 AM spite of what people say about him he is basically a decent person.

ahsposo 12-11-13 11:34 AM

Is good about taking his medication.

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