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colorider 12-10-13 03:18 PM

I want a border collie
Too funny

Zinger 12-10-13 03:35 PM

Ha Ha

Yeah I know if you get an Australian Shepard (which have some Border Collie in them) and have a backyard party even the pups will want to herd everybody into the center of the yard :lol:.

At 10 weeks old the pups are dangerously practicing with the horses. One grown Australian Shepard I knew would go out on command and fetch several horses from sight unseen afar and bring them all back to the corral within about 10 or 15 minutes.

bikeguyinvenice 12-10-13 03:42 PM

from what I have heard and read they are considered to be one of the smartest breeds of dogs out there

colorider 12-10-13 03:44 PM

I remember taking my kids to a Halloween party when they were 3 and 5 yrs old. Someone had brought their two borders with them. It was funny to see the interplay between them as they would play and herd the kids. No nipping like other herders are prone to do. Just crouch and stare and change position.

jsharr 12-10-13 03:56 PM

Ours only herds boys and dachsunds. I would not want her herding me to the pub, but I would not mind her hanging out with me while I drank. She does that a lot on the couch at home already.

BenzFanatic 12-10-13 04:29 PM

I have an Aussie and a half Aussie half border collie... Great dogs. Though the half one seems to have lost the herding instinct. When she was young it used to herd the other two inside from our yard all the time. The other one just uses her herding instincts to get in front of the other two in every situation.

overthehillmedi 12-10-13 06:27 PM

My part border collie mutt thinks that every ball and ball-like thing in the world belongs to her. :D

Darth Lefty 12-10-13 07:00 PM

We have an Aussie who is a rescue from a puppy mill. She's a sweetie 95% of the time, loves fetch and plays complex games and tricks, and keeps the other animals in the house in line. The other 5% can be a real trial, stemming from a combination of her hangups from her bad experiences getting turned up to 11 by her type-A personality. She barks like the world's loudest prairie dog at the reflected light from cars going by, she's very hostile to anyone wearing a hat or a uniform, there are certain diesel engines that also bring out the Cujo. Dogs go through a receptive learning phase their first two years and you need to not break their brains during that time, or they'll stay broken to some extent forever.

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