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Garfield Cat 01-04-14 10:16 AM

How to convert vinyl records from turntable to audio receiver to PC
I just went to Cnet and downloaded the latest version of Audacity. But now I don't have a stereo audio receiver with a phono input. I looked at Fry's and they carry several. My Thorens turntable has a Grace cartridge.

I think I will need the proper sound card and maybe another piece of hardware or connectivity from the Thorens RCA jacks to connect to my desktop.

Anybody know how to do this?

StupidlyBrave 01-04-14 10:31 AM

If it helps, you don't necessarily need "phono input" to attach a turntable. But you will almost certainly need a phono preamp.

HardyWeinberg 01-04-14 11:48 AM

You need turntable-(probably rca connectors)->preamp-(rca-out adapted to probably minijack in)->soundcard

Turntable will probably need to be grounded to the preamp.

I got a rca analog->digital converter-> to try and circumvent the rca out->mini->soundcard step for $12 but it hasn't worked, cannot get the computer to hear or store whatever the adc is sending out through usb.

the sci guy 01-04-14 11:54 AM

Skip all that hassle. They now make turntables with a USB output for this exact reason.

SONY USB record player available at BEst Buy, or probably Amazon or tons of other places. $129, probably cheaper on Amazon.


Experience the nostalgic sound of vinyl with this fully automatic belt-driven turntable that supports 33-1/3 and 45 rpm record playback speeds and features a USB output for importing your favorite records' tracks to a PC.
Sure you're spending a little more than you probably want, and getting another player, but, it solves all your future connection needs and purchasing other more expensive equipment.

FoxMulder 01-04-14 09:02 PM

+1 on phono preamp. The Art DJ Pre2 is one of the most affordable quality options available:

You don't need to spend a lot on a preamp, and in fact, you'll see in the reviews that many people think the Art DJ Pre2 sounds better than $100+ models.

I'd stay away from USB turntables if you already have a nice turntable. I've had one, and in general for most models out there, the turntable quality is low, and the USB feature isn't all that helpful. You still have to play your LP's at 1x, and you may or may not have trouble with the USB drivers, so I wouldn't recommend it.

I use to run a Project Debut III w/ Art DJ Pre2, and I was very pleased with the sound quality, as well as track quality from analog dubbing onto my computer. For my setup, I ran the preamp output into a Mackie 4 chan mixer, and then ran the tape outputs of the mixer to my Soundblaster (was only a $30 Audigy card, but worked just fine).

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