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windhchaser 01-19-14 05:06 PM

denver wins
now i just want Seattle to win

colorider 01-19-14 05:08 PM


Jeff Wills 01-19-14 09:13 PM

Marijuana is legal in both Washington and Colorado. Dude! We're going to the Stoner Bowl!

skijor 01-19-14 09:26 PM

But will the NFL licensing boobs endorse Stonerwear?

spacemanz 01-19-14 10:21 PM

I'm ready for the Stoner Bowl!!! :D Go Seahawks, & Pass more. :D EDIT: BTW, this seems like a good place to post this, is there a "proper" place to post, about general weed usage issues? I'm a legal medical patient, with paperwork, so not trying to ruffle any feathers, or offend anyone, just trying to do what comes naturally. ;)

HardyWeinberg 01-20-14 07:46 PM

Patriots done in by climate change (winter was sadly their only hope of containing Manning). Looking forward to the Super Bowl.

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