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Old 02-05-14, 08:40 PM   #1
Juan Foote
LBKA (formerly punkncat)
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Sprint, customer beware.

I know that posting about a bad situation with a cell provider is sort of par for the course, but this really takes the cake and I felt I should share.

We have actually been fairly satisfied with our Sprint phone service for a good number of years. We lived in an area that generally had good reception and service. The last place we lived was even "special" enough to have 4G, which is pretty rare for them. We moved in the summer to an area that we could not receive calls at our home at all. We could sometimes text, and the only internet was wi-fi. I called within days of living here to report the problem and they put a "tech team" on the issue. As we well knew, they inform us that we are in a dead zone and that steps are being taken to acquire service for us. As of that call we were informed that they had 72 hours to fix the issue or we could be released from contract, free of early termination, as per said agreement.
We get a call back about five days later where they offered us a device to hook to our home WiFi that would allow "normal" operation of the phone. This, of course, required us to have broadband internet and DID count towards normal calculation of minutes, data, etc. I opted not to accept this option and we started the process to cancel service, per the terms, for lack of signal in our area. That was late August of 13. In spite of those assurances, we were billed nearly $1000 for cancellation on our three lines.

It's now February of 14. I have been lied to so many times I have lost count. We were initially told that we were free to be released from contract because they could not provide service, nor a fix to "patch" service. Then, they claimed we HAD service and were just lying ourselves, conveniently using our OLD address to confirm service strength. Got that straightened out and was told that we would have to send back all our devices. One of the phones on our account were stolen (some months before this started) which was promptly reported to the police and Sprint. We were required to go out and buy a new phone at full cost because they didn't make allowances for contract for that occurrence. As per the "modified" agreement they made (remember they had already said we were "free to go") we had to send back two of our three phones, and they agreed to allow us to keep the phone paid at full price since we filed the report and the stolen phone would turn up to them before us anyway, should it ever be turned back on.
Well, fast forward several months between then, two phones sent back, 20+ hours on the phone to support and account services to find out why they billed us for the three lines after the agreement(s) and were sending us to collections, dinging our credit. They claimed to have no record of any of the conversations where they made promises for this and that. They claimed not to have the returned equipment. A few emails of my receipts and chat transcripts "straightened" that we thought.

It ends up that I get a call from a claimed supervisor who says that the support personnel I talked to didn't have authority to make a decision concerning our account status and that in order to get anything taken off the account we would have to send in the phone we still had and had paid full price for. Even after confronting about the lack of credit for the other two phones we had sent back, and the fact that we had been lied to and had proof, we can still get nowhere with them. They still are demanding full payment even after just conceding and sending back the additional phone as well.

It has become apparent that one way or another, whether we pay them or a lawyer, that we are going to be out this money. In spite of the contract details being in our favor, the chat transcripts, the promises, the returned equipment and already lost monies. My credit is being messed with, and I am no where further towards resolution than we were in August of last year.

Consumer beware when dealing with Sprint.

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on by
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Sorry your experience was lousy. Those types of crap customer service is why more and more folks are going with no contract plans, including me. I've been with Ting (MVNO that uses Sprint's network) for a year now and cannot complain. Sprint's coverage is so-so, especially in northern WI/MN/MI. But the cost is about a third. Contracts are for suckers.
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Old 02-06-14, 07:47 AM   #3
Cool Beans
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We have Sprint and I haven't had much trouble yet, but tmobile has given me the worst time EVER.

I ordered a phone because they were having a deal so the phone was free and before ordering I asked what their policy was for returning phones if I did not like it. They said I had 30 days to return it no charge except a small restocking fee. Fine by me. I got the phone, turned it on, decided I didn't like it and sent it back within 2 weeks of receiving it.

Lo and behold I got a bill in the mail for over 500 bucks!! Termination of service fee, half a month of service fee, restocking fee(which I knew about), and a few other things. WTH?!!!

I called them and they argued blah blah blah, even though I have the emails stating when I received the phone and when it was shipped back they are still arguing with me and now it's on my credit report. This sucks.

To each their own.
I've got your restraining order right here. [grabs crotch] Restrain this!
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Thunder Whisperer
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I'd be tempted to consult an attorney and see if there would be grounds to sue for breach of contract.

Sprint was our very first experience with cell phone providers when we "cut the cord" of the landline more than a decade ago. Didn't really have issues until the merge with Nextel. We had texts totally blocked (due to not using/wanting or paying extra), but then we started getting texts (and charged for). Took like 2 billing cycles before they determined that there was a config setting "issue"- a radio button that was clicked on the old system wasn't clicked after the post merge, system 'upgrade' . Took like another 6 months of trying to get them to reverse the charges on the texts... we ended up breaking the contract.
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Check to see if your local TV station has a consumer advocate. Large companies will sometimes listen to reason if it's presented by someone who can broadcast their unresponsiveness.
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Sprint is horrible when I had them. 70% of the time I was roaming on Verizon's CDMA network.... I would say a 1 out of 5 chance my calls were dropped. And no I do not live in a rural area, this was the SF bay area and it was a blackberry when there were no alternatives to a "smartphone".
Thank heavens my plan had free roaming.

I still have my sprint supplied number to remind me how crappy they were.
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Caustic Soccer Mom
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regardless of the service provider - or manufacturer, for that matter (see "Samsung saga!) - use the company's "chat" option whenever possible so you can easily document your conversations with the company service people... that, or advise the person on the phone that you are recording the call for your protection.
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