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Machka 02-28-14 06:33 AM

Your Other Sports/Hobbies
Yeah, I know this has been done before, but not for a while ... and it seems like it's a long winter in North America ... so ...

What other sports and hobbies do you enjoy?

Machka 02-28-14 06:42 AM

I like doing a lot of things ...

-- walking in general (I cover about 800 km a year)
-- canoeing (Rowan and I have a canoe and went out a few times last summer ... unfortunately, it's in storage right now)
-- swimming
-- going to the gym/working out/weightlifting
-- hiking trails, especially up mountains
-- cross country skiing
-- snowshoeing
-- tobogganing
-- yoga

-- attending classes (I have attended over 140 post-secondary courses of various sorts and length and subjects)
-- reading
-- photography ... just getting into it and attending a photography class!!
-- drawing and playing around with a bit of art

-- camping
-- travelling, travelling, and more travelling :)

Canoeing on Lake Eildon ...

Viewpoint at the end of a hiking trail on the Tasman Peninsula ...

Lots and lots of travel photos:

banerjek 02-28-14 06:52 AM

Skiing and kayaking. On weekends, I do either of those things more than cycling. Was out on the mountain last weekend, going to the coast in a few hours.

BTW, this winter has been too short for me so far. Neither enough precipitation nor enough cold so I'm hoping for more of both.

lenA 02-28-14 07:06 AM

eating cave aged cheese

Homebrew01 02-28-14 08:46 AM

Nagging my daughter to do her homework
Waking my son up for school

Then I'm too tired to ride.

RPK79 02-28-14 08:52 AM

I do some reading. Used to golf a lot but not so much since I took up cycling. I've always been the type to let one hobby eclipse all others so cycling has been it for the most part. It sucks that it is a seasonal sport since I'm not into cold temperature cycling, but this time of year I have a heavy work load anyway as an accountant so it works out for me.

coasting 02-28-14 08:52 AM

golf, but i don't have the time to do this often. i prefer to cycle in the time i have.

RPK79 02-28-14 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by coasting (Post 16534918)
golf, but i don't have the time to do this often. i prefer to cycle in the time i have.

Right!? Is it even a choice when you consider spending $XX to go knock a ball around for a few hours or spending 0 and cycling for however long you want on a nice spring/summer/autumn day? I'll probably golf more in retirement.

Gramercy 02-28-14 09:00 AM

Big mountain skiing, ultimate frisbee, and squash. I'm so white.

dmcdam 02-28-14 09:07 AM

Golf and fly fishing. Cycling is great as I can take off and go for a couple of hours, but the other two are at least 1/2 day commitments. Still probably managed 25 rounds of golf last year. This year will be less with our 2nd kid on the way in July. Probably turn that weekly golf into another 2 or 3 rides.

More Cowbell 02-28-14 09:12 AM


merlinextraligh 02-28-14 09:19 AM

Too many hobbies, too little time.


Bathwater 02-28-14 09:21 AM

Brazilian jiu-jitsu and weight lifting.

merlinextraligh 02-28-14 09:22 AM

Less recently:

Heathpack 02-28-14 09:23 AM

Sailing. We have a nice sailboat that I love as much as my bike. Which is saying a lot.

Travel. I am into finding the hacks that make travel to nice places affordable.

Food and cooking. I like to eat & I like to cook. I cook all kinds of things, but pies & pastries are one of my things. I make a killer quiche.

Hiking. I like this better than Mr H, but he's a good sport about it.

Photography. I take a lot of pictures. I don't photo edit as much as I used to because you can get such great stuff right off your iPhone. I used to be more meticulous about it. Heres one of my favorites, a seagull portrait.

Poetry, college basketball (but only "my" team) and of course because I
live in LA, sitting in traffic. I devote a lot of time to that last one. :(

Darth Steele 02-28-14 09:26 AM

my hobbies are avoiding house work, avoiding yard work and trying to find more time to ride my bike without my girlfriend complaining

KenshiBiker 02-28-14 09:45 AM

Like RPJ79 my hobbies tend to eclipse one another. I'll put down a hobby, sometimes for years, only to pick it up again, fully re-energized sometimes years later. This recently happened with bicycling. I didn't ride at all (well, maybe once or twice a year) for almost 15 years until a couple of years ago. I took it up again, since I needed to get more excercise and now I'm hooked (again).

As far as other hobbies/interests go:
- photography
- wood working
- kendo
- iaido
- snow shoeing
- kayaking (sea, not river)
- bird watching
- target shooting
- archery
- hiking (though more as an adjunct to the photography, bird watching, etc.)
- kite flying (2-line, 4-line, and single-line)
- home brewing beer (though I gave that up when I gave up drinking)
- cooking/baking (and of course, eating - which is why I needed to get back on the bike in the first place)

I've probably left off some others that I'm not actively pursuing right now.


THSdrummer 02-28-14 09:58 AM

-Drumming - Been drumming for about 10 years now.
-Running - Been running for a school team for about 8 years. I have 2 more years of school eligibility after this semester.
-Pizza Crafting - I like seeing what I can do with a pizza to improve it. I've been working on innovating a spicy crust, which could then be topped with more spicy ingredients for a good time.
-Coffee Brewing - This is huge for me. I focus on perfecting a Chemex pour over every morning. My friend has started roasting his own beans and I might follow suit...
-Hot Sauce collecting - I buy bottles I deem "cool" (very few) and bottles of sauce I only hear great things about. Once empty, I clean them and put them on a shelf.
-Vinyl collecting - The big art work, the unique medium for which music is recorded, and its sound has made me interested in vinyls. I tend to stick to $1 used albums. New stuff is expensive, although I do occasionally splurge.
-Music collecting and discovering - I really, really, really enjoy music. My musical library is about 150gb (of various files types, 10% and growing are FLAC).

Other less frequent activities include, but are not limited to:
-Hiking - specifically, I like to hike 14er mountains in Colorado (I have 5 now, need more). I have two Triple Peak routes I'd like to do.
-Swimming - I enjoy the benefits of cross training in the pool.
-Hack-e-sack - A few from the track team just started doing this before runs. It is now my favorite part of practice. I'm a work in progress.
-Procrastination from school work
-Talking to girls - Doesn't happen often for me, but I do like talking to girls every now and then. :thumb:

Heathpack 02-28-14 10:00 AM

[QUOTE=merlinextraligh;16535014]Too many hobbies, too little time.


Mr. H likes your car, he has friends who race BMWs and RX7s. For his Christmas present, I got us tickets to the Rolex Motorsports Reunion, a gentlemanly 3-day "race" of classic restored race cars this Aug in Monterey. Plus a track view camp site. I had to talk to his racing friends behind his back to get some help on this. It's working out well for me, though, he loved his present so much that he's 100% determined to get me a power meter in return. ;)


Reynolds 02-28-14 10:04 AM

Along the years, I've been interested in motorcycling, photography, target shooting (not hunting), rowing, mechanics (to this day), etc.

furiousferret 02-28-14 10:13 AM

Over the past few years I just like to focus on a small amounts of hobbies, I used to run, hike, and cycle but have went 'all in' on cycling.

Past that the other 2 things I enjoy doing are
- Writing; I'm not a very good one in terms of prose mastery, but have a hell of an imagination and have completed 2 novels. The third one is hard to motivate for since although I love writing, its kind of a second job.
- Following sports (I'm a huge fan of NFL, Baseball, Basketball, MLS, EPL (Euro Football), and passively follow a few other sports)

vasuvius 02-28-14 10:28 AM

WW Kayaking
Scuba Diving

Too many hobbies, not enough time.

OldsCOOL 02-28-14 10:31 AM

Marksmanship, shooting, handloading, gunsmith/accurizing....and 3mos of intense deer hunting.

daven 02-28-14 10:31 AM

I am learning to play electric guitar.

Besides that, I am into music collecting - on vinyl and stereo/audiophile equipment.

Between the the three hobbies, I think it might be cheaper to take on a crack habit......

Standalone 02-28-14 10:41 AM

Cheaper than a Porsche, I guess.

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