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late 04-01-14 09:03 AM

Brownies for adults
Over the course of the last year, I have become something of an expert at brownies.
Here is one of my recipes, it makes the brownie less damaging,
but the taste is better than most of the brownies I've ever had.

Proportions are approximate.

Scoop a ball of coconut oil with a tablespoon, and put it in a small dish.
Put 1 ounce of baking chocolate on it. Nuke it long enough to to get it
melty, but not so much it's going to cook the egg when you stir it in.
After it's hot, stir and set to the side to cool.

Put in a bowl 1/3 cup flour, 1/3 cup almond meal/flour(same thing), 1/4 tsp baking powder, a handful of coconut sugar
and half as much white sugar, a heaping tblsp or 2 of cocoa (a different brand from the baking chocolate). At the end, adjust the sweetness to taste, you want the mix to
be almost bitter. The trick to deep dark flavor is to use as little sugar as you can.

In another bowl beat two eggs, add a dash of vanilla (the good stuff) and enough
low fat coconut milk to mix it all together. Stir it all together, and cook it in a 300F oven
until you can't hear bubbling.

If you do it right, it will be a deep dark well of chocolate flavor. Something that makes your taste
buds sit on their hind legs and beg for more.

About chocolate, I try to mix chocolates, it's an old chocolate makers trick. I have been using bakers
or ghiradelli baking chocolate, and Hershey's cocoa.

They're good. Droste is a better cocoa, but 3 times the price. And there are some great chocolates
out there, if you are willing to pay the coin. I still use the Droste to make hot cocoa, but now that I
am retired I don't order from gourmet places as much. Try it this way, it ain't bad.

late 04-01-14 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by moochems (Post 16631304)

Well written, thank you.

some of those ingredients I don't have on hand, coconut sugar for example.

I'll google that item, I have a hunch it is a product similar to vanilla sugar, but would you explain how you get ahold of that item? Also, how long does it take in the oven in minutes, even a close answer? Until it stops audibly bubbling is fine and all, but if I knew to check it after 15 minutes, or after 30 instead it could help me out.

You are most welcome.

I get coconut sugar at Whole Foods. You can substitute brown sugar, the difference is subtle. coconut sugar

GP 04-01-14 10:45 AM

I get my brownies from a small business I found on Weed Maps.

no motor? 04-01-14 11:35 AM


Originally Posted by GP (Post 16631666)
I get my brownies from a small business I found on Weed Maps.

They'd have the missing ingredient most of us think would be in adult brownies.

Cache 04-01-14 12:03 PM

Made some of these today:

ahsposo 04-01-14 12:19 PM


Originally Posted by GP (Post 16631666)
I get my brownies from a small business I found on Weed Maps.

Dang! Those are all clear across the country from where I live.

Do they mail order?

leob1 04-01-14 01:18 PM

Brownies with out nuts is just chocolate cake.

late 04-11-14 10:25 AM

Update, I have gone from 1oz of chocolate to 2oz, and reduced the cocoa to 1 heaping tblsp.
I need to get a bag of walnuts, ran out and I keep forgetting to get more.

jdon 04-11-14 12:12 PM

What? no herbs??

Astrozombie 04-11-14 12:27 PM

I had Boston Market yesterday and forgot the brownie! Thanks!

trackhub 04-11-14 06:53 PM

Baker's One-Bowl Recipe. Simple and always works. Lots of Sugar? Hoo yeah!

mikeybikes 04-11-14 06:57 PM

I thought this was a thread about 'special' brownies.

eschlwc 04-12-14 01:18 AM

i used to make brownies using the 'alice b. toklas' recipe.

but i think it's a waste of good herb and delicious brownies.

you should, however, follow these steps:

1. watch this '60s flick ('i love you, alice b. toklas') and also sellers in 'the party.'
2. use a second egg to make your brownies fluffier.
3. use apple sauce in place of oil and water.
4. if you like to eat your herb, make a butter and spread it on a cheap cookie or something. that way, you don't goof up a great tasting brownie with grass that should be smoked anyway.

[the above is intended for residents of colorado, washington, and civilized societies only.]

eschlwc 04-12-14 01:27 AM

fietsbob 04-13-14 12:36 PM

Brownies grow up to be Girl Scouts , next.

dedhed 04-13-14 02:09 PM

I often dress up regular box mixes. I especially like to add cinnamon and/or shredded coconut.

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