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Long Tom 04-11-14 10:39 PM

Dog or cat, neither or both?
While out riding today I inexplicably wondered if road cyclists tended to be dog people, cat people, or....

Me: dog.

shyonelung 04-11-14 10:45 PM

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Dog. Specifically pugs.

UnfilteredDregs 04-11-14 10:46 PM

I like *****.

YOJiMBO20 04-11-14 10:48 PM

I have two cats but would like a dog, too. Just can't make a dog work right now due to the fact that I have an apartment with no yard and the wife and I are gone for upwards of 15-16 hours a day.

valygrl 04-11-14 10:50 PM

I'm Cat4 and I have two cats.

SpeshulEd 04-12-14 12:14 AM

2 dogs, 3 cats, 0 kids.

alexaschwanden 04-12-14 01:48 AM

I have one cat.

EnsitMike 04-12-14 02:15 AM

Just adopted a cat today. I consider myself a dog person but just don't have the time for one right now.

Living in a 4 bedroom house alone called for a pet though. The silence was killing me.

carpediemracing 04-12-14 04:35 AM

Cat 7 family.

surgeonstone 04-12-14 04:48 AM

Two dogs and one truly psychotic cat.

surgeonstone 04-12-14 04:50 AM

I mean psychotic like bat **** crazy. My daughter said once she tasted human blood she was never the same.

surgeonstone 04-12-14 04:51 AM

I agree.

turky lurkey 04-12-14 05:28 AM

I'm a cat 6 and I have one cat. Actually I'm a dog person, I had a dog for about eight years but he got hit by a car and killed a couple months ago. Well I still sort of have the dog. He got hit while we were on vacation and my in-laws were watching him. They felt really bad, so they had him cremated, I still have the ashes, not sure what to do with them. When I got married a few years ago my wife wanted a cat so we got one of those. Still have the cat.

The Hansenator 04-12-14 06:40 AM

2 cats. I like dogs just fine but cats are a better fit for my personality.

phoebeisis 04-12-14 07:01 AM

1 busybody chowhound greyhound-4 indoor cats + neighbor's outdoor cat when comes by 3 times a day to extort windowsill TAKEOUT-starting at 5am-yeah turn on kitchen light 30 seconds later Beastie appears-30 more seconds and he is stretching himself upright in the window to get our attention(typical not patient cat)

LansingWes 04-12-14 07:07 AM

2 Cats.

qcpmsame 04-12-14 07:18 AM

Both, CarlQCat is my buddy and constant workshop supervisor, Molly is our son's Lab/setter mix, Canadian rescue, dawg. They get along fairly well, as long as Molly realizes that Carl is king of the entire world and rule with an iron paw.


BillyD 04-12-14 07:22 AM

The addiction thread is swarming with dog people. There's something to that.

Homebrew01 04-12-14 07:51 AM

Both in theory, but family members with allergies prevent having cats.

Jiggle 04-12-14 08:29 AM


Originally Posted by UnfilteredDregs (Post 16663726)
I like *****.

lol, the tradcon nanny's don't like cats!

"I like cats. And I don't like people who don't like cats." 10 internet points to the poster who, without googling, can post who said that, in a movie.

fstshrk 04-12-14 08:32 AM

Dogs and birds (cockatiels) for me.

We have had some tough luck with dogs lately (see my sig), but recently added an Australian Shepherd to the family.

UnfilteredDregs 04-12-14 09:11 AM


Originally Posted by Jiggle (Post 16664291)
lol, the tradcon nanny's don't like cats!

"I like cats. And I don't like people who don't like cats." 10 internet points to the poster who, without googling, can post who said that, in a movie.

I like dogs too...but my cats are fascinating creatures... I have Foundation Bengals... Asian Leopard Cat hybrids. I may take the next step and get an actual ALC...I'd need to build a nice enclosure though...

I'd actually love to have dogs again, but I don't have much in the way of land, and my favorite breed will always be German Shepherds.

Big dogs = big yard. Lots of training too, but you can't beat the kind of security two big Shepherds can provide...

Someday...When the kid is done with college and I can move to greener pasture.

timmbo 04-12-14 09:44 AM


pdedes 04-12-14 09:55 AM

I prefer being petless in all respects

Gus90 04-12-14 10:50 AM

Dog, obviously. Cats are pointless :)

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