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aadhils 04-15-14 07:40 AM

Anyone ever use it? It's an iPhone (maybe Android?) app that you can use to turn your vehicle (2006 or older) into a taxi service. Other people can use the app to see all the cars that are on the Uber plan (I'm guessing via a map--no I have not used it before) to choose a ride. They find the closest vehicle, see the driver's profile, flag the car to come pick them up and then go onwards to their destination. My brother has been using the App to pay off the 300 bucks lease on his Nissan Leaf every month (he works part time so he has some time to kill). Sounds nifty but I don't have a car :p

Artkansas 04-15-14 04:55 PM

Never used it. I saw this neat video with Conan O'Brien, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart using Uber's competiton Lyft.

Wulf 04-15-14 04:56 PM

There are several of these services. Sometimes they require you to have a car no older than x years. Your insurance will probably have a fit if they get wind of it.

black_box 04-15-14 05:47 PM

Yeah, read the fine print on your insurance policy and also the "Uber" policy. I think most personal policies exclude business use. Even if Uber provides coverage to you or your vehicle, there may be limitations (such as the Uber client has to actually be in the car).

windhchaser 04-15-14 06:20 PM

that conan segment was so funny coco is the funiest man in late night

gitarzan 04-17-14 09:14 PM

We will remember you when we read about the Uber killer.

skijor 04-17-14 10:32 PM


Originally Posted by gitarzan (Post 16681274)
We will remember you when we read about the Uber killer.

I'm sorry that's the first thought that crossed my mind too. Uber sounds like a good way to get mugged. A nice utilitarian idea though as long as it's safe.

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