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Artkansas 04-23-14 03:54 AM

More job hunt advice
One thing I've noticed is when I apply on-line for a job that more and more potential employers are demanding a social security number in the initial application.

I've always been taught that giving out your social security number on-line is wrong and stupid.

It's a hard choice to make when you are trying to eat regularly. What do you think?

Juha 04-23-14 05:26 AM

Around here, if they insisted on receiving that kind of information over a non-secure system, you could always report them. It is stupid, because they have no way of knowing you are who you claim to be, and vice versa.

I once filled in a lot of personal info, over an impressive secure web system. After finishing I promptly received an open e-mail telling me they had received my info and here it is for my verification. Scrolling down, all the details were right there, in the e-mail text. They didn't seem to understand when I called them and told them to cancel my application and remove all info from their systems.


cafzali 04-23-14 09:59 AM

I've not seen that very much. If they ask, it's generally not mandated. I personally wouldn't do it initially because if they're serious about you, they'll have you fill out a formal application that will include more detail than is traditionally collected via an online recruiting system. It's then that they run a credit report on you, if they're going to, more often than not. That's the whole reason they're asking for it. More and more employers run credit reports. Rightly or wrongly, they're increasingly using credit worthiness as a way to determine whether a candidate will make a suitable employee.

no1mad 04-23-14 04:48 PM

I think employers shouldn't be allowed to ask for your SSN until you're filling out the W-2 and I-9 documents. Unfortunately, I'm afraid those days are long gone, but I do think that they should wait until the interview before asking for it.

I'm not a big fan of judging one's work ethic on their credit score either...

banerjek 04-26-14 03:13 AM

Doesn't matter if they're not allowed to ask. They will. And that tells you something about them because we know it's a bad practice. But then again, why should it be less appropriate for them to use that identifier than an outfit that provides financial or medical services to you. It's a gov't identifier that isn't intended for private use.

You have to decide whether that's a barrier to you.

EthanYQX 04-26-14 05:13 AM

I think I had to provide mine in the application process for my current job. It's a bit of an unconventional process though and over a secure connection. It was after being hired for the other jobs (hardware store clerk and an assistant manager for an Air Force museum) before I was asked for it.

rumrunn6 05-20-14 12:56 PM

also don't give them your social network passwords

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