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mulveyr 05-02-14 06:16 AM

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January on the Erie Canal

Jseis 05-02-14 08:03 AM

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Had flat a few years ago, tube blew next to the stem & stuck 17 miles out freezing my ass off. Called for back up @ 5:30 am :eek: & had to wait for her to get up, eat, feed dogs, etc. & got a load of crap for posting an FB with a worn sock from walking a mile down the highway sock footed.

MangoPumpkin 05-02-14 08:20 AM


casio04330 05-09-14 09:10 AM

Selfy thread!!!!
Post a photo of yourself

RaleighSport 05-09-14 09:12 AM

Post ride selfie... and you were definitely wrong about where the beef is.

eja_ bottecchia 05-09-14 09:14 AM

Casio...nice product placement...the Wendy soft drink. :D

jdon 05-09-14 09:34 AM

Didn't Tom just start one of these? Oh yes... here it is.

casio04330 05-09-14 10:45 AM


Originally Posted by eja_ bottecchia (Post 16743456)
Casio...nice product placement...the Wendy soft drink. :D

I don't know what you're saying..

casio04330 05-09-14 10:52 AM

eja_ bottecchia 05-09-14 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by casio04330 (Post 16743736)
I don't know what you're saying..

Je ne sais quoi casio?

bulevardi 05-16-14 01:51 PM

Not a selfie, but it's me anyway :D by Dirk Desmet, on Flickr

gitarzan 05-16-14 07:19 PM

1 Attachment(s), somehow. And I am not a drunk as I look. Just trying on a Gibby hat.

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