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Tom Stormcrowe 04-25-14 06:59 AM

Let's see your best selfie shot!

bikeguyinvenice 04-25-14 09:45 AM

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rumrunn6 04-25-14 09:48 AM

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wut do you mean by best?

Artkansas 04-25-14 10:00 AM

This is as good as I have.

Jeff Wills 04-25-14 07:07 PM

Posted this in a couple places:

Alternate version:

jbchybridrider 04-25-14 07:12 PM

After eating green potato's

Dan Burkhart 04-25-14 08:59 PM

Is it still a selfie if you use a tripod?

CbadRider 04-25-14 09:01 PM


Originally Posted by Jeff Wills (Post 16702556)

Is that Mango or Pumpkin?

the sci guy 04-25-14 09:47 PM

how about on-bike selfies?

sknhgy 04-26-14 07:35 AM

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jdon 04-26-14 08:18 AM


Originally Posted by the sci guy (Post 16702896)

That look on you face is sayin "how do I zoom this thing?"

Tom Stormcrowe 04-26-14 10:56 AM


Originally Posted by sknhgy (Post 16703412)

Hey, who's that person holding ya? :roflmao:

trackhub 04-26-14 05:44 PM

Off topic question: what's everyone using for photo-sharing these days, site-wise? Flickr definitely seems to have fallen from political favor.

Jeff Wills 04-26-14 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by CbadRider (Post 16702807)
Is that Mango or Pumpkin?

It's Pumpkin. I'm a tall, broad-shouldered guy, but, umm... Mango's too big. When he stands on his back paws and stretches up, his front paws reach my belt. That's about 42 inches.

jbchybridrider 04-27-14 04:55 AM

I've been off the green potato's for a while. Took this today after my first real ride in around 17 months after spinal fusion. I'm with Pugsely the Peugeot and Alfie the 33.

I'm about 10kg's heavier than my last ride along the River Torrens.

Machka 04-27-14 06:21 AM

Yes ... this is a selfie.

If you click the photo, you can see some of the earlier attempts to get this photo, complete with a description. :) Anyone watching the earlier attempts would have been rolling on the lawn laughing. We were!!

And ... if you're interested ... I can tell you how I finally got this photo above. :)

macfred 04-28-14 03:09 AM

macfred in the early 90's - cycling Belgium and France by macfred64, on Flickr

macfred 04-28-14 03:11 AM

20 years later … touring / bw by macfred64, on Flickr

GP 04-28-14 08:29 PM

Artkansas 04-28-14 08:40 PM


Originally Posted by Artkansas (Post 16701238)

I saw that macfred had a picture of him decades ago as well. So, here's my bike in 1978.

rumrunn6 04-29-14 02:48 PM

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just got a rush thinking about the time/space continuum ... here's me w my bike when I was like 16 maybe? 39 years ago!

ilikebikes 04-29-14 06:50 PM


bbbean 04-29-14 07:31 PM

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http://<iframe src="//" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

macfred 04-30-14 06:57 AM

here we go Man With The Hat by macfred64, on Flickr

macfred 04-30-14 07:10 AM

some more Panda4 by macfred64, on Flickr Panda5 by macfred64, on Flickr

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