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Walter S 04-27-14 06:46 AM

Ha! The message from BF is "don't eat bananas!"
Just saw an ad on BF about 5 foods to never eat. Been going around for years it seems. But it struck me as funny that on BikeForums, of all places, you would see talk about not eating bananas, given the potassium content can make them a bit better for a cyclist specifically.

Just goes to show you, may the reader beware about telling ads from product endorsements.

This is more what I think about bananas. I'm told not to eat bananas. Sounds fishy to me.

bikemig 04-27-14 06:50 AM

Bananas taste good and, unlike an energy bar, they come in a bio degradable wrapper. What's not to like about them?

Machka 04-27-14 06:51 AM

And this has ... what?? ... to do with Touring? Looks like a Foo topic.

hueyhoolihan 04-27-14 07:07 AM

so if we can't eat them, said the cannibal, what are they good for?

and can i now throw away all my banana cozies?

veganbikes 04-27-14 08:52 PM

There is always crackpots saying silly stuff like this. I love bananas whether straight out the peel, topped with peanut butter or drowned in booze and brown sugar and set a blaze. Never bother with silly ads because they are generally wrong or a scam of some sort.

Northwestrider 04-27-14 09:09 PM

guess we can't believe everything we read. I have a banana every morning, IMO to good affect.

CbadRider 04-28-14 08:26 AM

Moved from Touring to Foo.

skijor 04-28-14 11:53 AM

BenzFanatic 04-28-14 01:13 PM

I'm a banana fan of epic proportions. At one point I had such high levels of potassium that I was told I risked toxicity, so I stopped eating them so often for awhile and developed such severe hypokalemia that I had an irregular heartbeat. Now I eat about one per day.

Zinger 04-28-14 06:59 PM

Bananas are a great source of Potassium alright but for carrying in pockets or a bike pack I like the little boxes of raisins.

genec 04-29-14 06:28 AM

Raisins... heck I always liked grapes... juicy little packets of sweet wrapped in their own individual bite size portions. I would carry those in my pockets and pop one in the mouth from time to time.

No little paper box to dispose of either.

Gus90 05-07-14 06:00 AM

What else will cyclists put down their shorts if not bananas? You can't eat socks.

c0urt 05-07-14 02:34 PM

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