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genec 04-29-14 06:21 AM

Internet Explorer problems again....
Governments urge Internet Explorer users to switch browsers until fix found | ZDNet


Government security response teams are urging Windows users to consider Chrome or Firefox as their default browser until Microsoft delivers a security fix for a new flaw affecting all versions of Internet Explorer.

Computer emergency response teams (CERTs) in the US, the UK, and Sweden have advised Windows users to consider avoiding Internet Explorer until Microsoft fixes the vulnerability.

Microsoft over the weekend confirmed the flaw was being exploited in "limited, targeted attacks", which use a rigged Flash file hosted on attack websites to net victims. Attackers that successfully exploit the flaw affecting IE 6 to IE 11 could gain the same user rights as the original user, according to Microsoft.
Seems we had a discussion here some time back about IE.... well, here we go again.

One solution: "One option XP users have to mitigate the threat is by unregistering the VGX.DLL file."

But of course you've all switched from XP by now... right?

no1mad 04-29-14 07:17 AM

Beat ya to it :p

The quick fix would be not to use Flash, but then that would like render a good chunk of the webz useless (or so I've been led to believe).

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