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StupidlyBrave 05-26-14 09:02 AM

the sci guy 05-26-14 07:49 PM

alright, i'll bite

weather event:

Left behind
(found this on the floor in my wife's grandfather's old barn on his farm in ohio - I brought it home for my dad because he was born in june, 1950. he looked through it and thought it was the coolest thing, and some of the stuff in it was hilarious)

tizeye 05-26-14 08:04 PM

Umbrella protection from the weather event.

20grit 06-02-14 06:09 AM

Time to vote folks.

himespau 06-02-14 06:41 AM

Nondes, macfred, stupidlybrave

nondes 06-02-14 07:30 AM

the sciguy (weather)

macfred 06-02-14 03:47 PM

1. the ski guy ( the 'weather' capture)

2. clemsongirl

3. nondes

clemsongirl 06-02-14 07:46 PM

thinking i have 6 votes :) 3 for macfred and 3 for machka...if the 6 votes thing doesn't work and since there are two catagories then 3 for macfred's cast away and 3 for Machka's weather

colorider 06-02-14 09:31 PM

Macfred - Left behind
Jbchyrider - weather

Machka 06-03-14 08:58 AM

clemsongirl - left behind/cast aside
machfred - left behind/cast aside
jbchybridrider - weather

jbchybridrider 06-04-14 06:59 AM

Colorider (weather event)

Macfred (left behind)

sci guy (left behind)

Machka 06-11-14 06:45 AM


Originally Posted by 20grit (Post 16813118)
Time to vote folks.

How are the results calculations coming along? :)

no motor? 06-11-14 08:33 AM

Shawn Gossman left behind

jbchybridrider Weather events

sciguy weather events

Machka 06-21-14 07:52 AM

@20grit ... who won?

clemsongirl 06-21-14 10:52 AM


Originally Posted by Machka (Post 16869916)
@20grit ... who won?

no matter how you count the votes ( even if you count or don't count no motor's late vote or the way i voted:)) it looks like macfred had to win so he would get to pick july.


Originally Posted by Tom Stormcrowe (Post 16652108)
I'll add a sweetener for the May Contest. We'll need a first, second, and third place for it. I'll award a free Ti for the top 3 submissions. In addition, the same deal will occur every quarter. So, every 3 months, there will be a prize set for that photo contest.

After that, the June contest will have prizes as well to get it on a fiscal schedule, and then September, Dec March and June.....

For the prize contests, previous lifetime Ti winners and staff are not eligible, to reserve it for the members who would specifically benefit from it.

20grit 06-22-14 06:23 AM

Sorry for the delay everyone. They have installed a monitoring program on the computers at work and I have been on the forums less. Couple that with the short term memory of a goldfish and you get very delayed results.

By my math, Macfred takes first, thesciguy takes second, and there is a tie between clemsongirl and jbchyrider for third. Since not all votes were cast for the categories, we can't really declare a winner for those.

I ran numbers based on the points system, but I did just wake up, and have had no tea. If anyone wants to check those numbers, that is fine.

clemsongirl 06-22-14 04:22 PM

I give third solely to jb so he can get whatever that is that stromcrowe is writing about :thumb:

Tom Stormcrowe 06-22-14 04:49 PM

I decided to add an additional Ti Prize since there was a tie for third. Congratulations to Macfred, who takes first, the sci guy, who takes second, and there is a tie between clemsongirl and jbchyrider, and since clemsongirl was so altruistic, I couldn't decide between them, and awarded both with Ti for Life. Congrats to all 4 of ya!

Machka 06-23-14 03:33 AM

Congratulations to all the winners!!

And @macfred ... July is your contest. To start, choose the theme, and monitor. :)

macfred 06-23-14 03:56 AM


Originally Posted by Machka (Post 16874132)
Congratulations to all the winners!!

And @macfred ... July is your contest. To start, choose the theme, and monitor. :)

Thank you very much - congrats to all winners !
I'm going to think about July's theme ...

jbchybridrider 06-23-14 09:00 AM

Thanks Tom, much appreciated.

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