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Dave Cutter 05-02-14 07:47 PM

A real wall hanger
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I picked up a disaster of a bicycle at an estate sale today. But at least I found a use for some of it's parts.

Artkansas 05-02-14 08:16 PM

That's putting it to good use. :D

Dave Cutter 05-02-14 08:27 PM

I am going to try to cut the bicycles frame in half.... and make the saddle part a bar stool. I have a bit of a man-cave. And.. a welder.

TiBikeGuy 05-04-14 06:36 PM

Someone already done that ..

alaskanb3arcub 05-06-14 05:00 PM

owner of lbs did that with a twist: chopped back half off of kids bike, put BMX pegs where the BB was, mounted training wheels in the fork(pita, but it works), used a pivoting caster just behind the BB.

ahsposo 05-06-14 06:00 PM

Best use for a Lemon frame, whoops, Lemond frame.

jsharr 05-06-14 06:21 PM

I would do this version. Bike Frame Triangle Chair

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