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jsharr 05-09-14 11:25 AM

A Friday Happy Thread
This is Rascal. His is our 5ish year old Daschsund. He lost the use of his legs due to a back injury when we were out of the house. An 11 year old friend of our oldest son had a lemonade stand and raised $600 for Rascals care. Through treatment, he got the use of his legs back for almost a year. Recently, he lost the use again and this time, he did not respond as well to treatment and though he regained partial usage, he still can barely walk.

So, we ordered him some wheels. This was his maiden voyage as a roller Daschsund.

NOS88 05-09-14 11:42 AM

Looks good! I actually spent an hour online last night looking at similar products. Our 14 year old dog has Canine Degenerative Myelopathy and is quickly losing his ability to use his rear legs. He can no longer climb stairs and falls whenever he tries to make a quick turn. In any event, it's nice to know that the maiden voyage went so well.

jsharr 05-09-14 11:45 AM

Bought this of Ebay from Hexi Novelties. It is decent quality, easy to build and was under $150. for the small size

Dog Wheelchair Small Size Dog Approx 17 40 Lb | eBay

Big_e 05-09-14 01:09 PM

Go Rascal!

jdon 05-09-14 01:42 PM

Awesome! Go Rascal!

CbadRider 05-09-14 02:17 PM

You should get him a little blinky light for the bar at the back. :)

Artkansas 05-09-14 03:10 PM


Originally Posted by CbadRider (Post 16744442)
You should get him a little blinky light for the bar at the back. :)

Can he pop a wheelie?

c0urt 05-09-14 03:38 PM

she will need a 41 jersey

jsharr 05-09-14 03:39 PM

Rascal is a boy and he would need a 99 Foo jersey.

Shifty 05-09-14 03:55 PM

This happened to our dog last summer too, caused by a ruptured disk in the spine. I opted for surgery, which was a complete success. The surgeon said that he does one or two of these procedures a week. I want to sell him something, he has lots of cash to spend!!! If you want your dog back, without the trailer, think about the surgery.

no motor? 05-09-14 04:44 PM

When are the aftermarket rims, underbody neon, and the spoiler going on?

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