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otg 05-30-14 06:17 PM

Willis Tower (always will be the Sears Tower to me)
Went to visit there a few years back

BenzFanatic 05-30-14 07:23 PM

Everyone knows what the Sears tower is. Nobody knows Willis. They should really just change it back for historical purposes.

Shimagnolo 05-30-14 07:25 PM

I think it is good they named it for Bruce;
He's done a lot of entertaining work.:thumb:

GP 05-31-14 06:58 AM

What department(s) are on the top floor? I can't imagine home appliances or automotive being too high up.

Artkansas 05-31-14 12:07 PM

I would sell balloons on the top floor. That way they are bigger when you get them out the front door.

lsberrios1 05-31-14 12:24 PM

I used to work for Willis... I say change it back to Sears.

GP 05-31-14 01:28 PM

Isn't Willis unemployed?

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