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This is my last year of a 5 year double major in Chemistry and Physics (B.S in Chemsitry and B.S. in Biophysics, minor in mathamatics and minor in biology). I have a major case of serioritus...

I got my first F in 17 years this quarter, my GPA was below 2.0 for the second time this year. Let me say they have not been the easiest quarters. Last quarter I had 4 sciences courses and 1 non science course, 19 quarter hours. This quarter I had 18 quarter hours but had to drop 1 of 5 sciences courses to drop to 14 quarter hours. I just got my transcripts to find I failed physical chemistry lab (got a B in the class but failed lab). I am very disapointed. My GPA also droped below 3.0 overall ever.

I need to be motivated for this last quarter. I am taking 12 easy quarter hours but after 5 years it is 12 too many. I have never felt this way about school but after seeing an F I am wondering... Sometimes I would rather go on a nice bike ride to the beach than go to class. I know I can not do that though. I am having a hard time studying, I just want to be done.

Please help motivate me... I have to do good this quarter...

Oh ya -- why did I fail the class... well time was the issue. In the last 2 weeks I had 2 major 20+ page term papers due, a big group project, back work from when I was hit by a car first time 12 weeks ago, etc. I just ran out of time. I turned in the work but it was late and the teacher did not accept it...
Just your average club rider... :)
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Motivation...hmmm, I could use some too. I didn't get senioritis in high school, but with only 6 weeks until college graduation (BSME) and a massive senior design project and quite a few other committments, senioritis has definitely got the drop on me.

Still, I know I'm going to make it. I've made it this far, and I'm not going to let myself down now. The end is the time to work the hardest. I've got to sprint to the finish line, and you do, too. It's not much further and it's going to be refreshing to reach it.
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It's called balance and you're out of it right now. You're spending too much time on the bike and it's causing problems with your school. Approach school with the zeal you approach cycling with and you'll be fine.
"You never fail, you simply produce results. Learn from these" - Anonymous
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i say drop out and start your own business
that way you'll be able to work your own schedule and ride all you want. of course, it helps to be more obsessed with your business --at least until you get going -- or you'll just fall flat anyway.

seriously, though...
i've seen what you're going through too many times, and it always rots and festers, turning into a chronic case of the "wouldashouldas."
i remember your thread a while back about trying to decide whether you should race this year or not because of your heavy school load. doctor phil would say "how's that workin' out for ya?"

for alot of us, cycling is an addictive drug that makes us feel good. and for others it's therapy. which one is it for you?
"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." - Leonardo daVinci
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Well, since you're asking for advice, I'd say you've come to far to bail out, so suck it up, hit the books hard for six weeks, and then you can ride your bike more--every weekend for the rest of your life. You know that's what you need to do.
Dead last finish is better than did not finish and infinitely better than did not start.
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Originally Posted by my58vw
Please help motivate me... I have to do good this quarter...
boy, are you knocking on the wrong door. Just let me finish my MS and let it be quick and painless.
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