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skidder 05-19-15 06:13 AM


skidder 05-19-15 06:19 AM

(And) So It Goes:

chewybrian 05-19-15 06:19 AM

a good one you know:
a good one you probably know:
a good one you probably don't know:

Deal4Fuji 05-19-15 06:19 AM

singer look familiar?
speaking of Metric, did I mention....... :) tough crowd

caffein8ed 05-19-15 09:12 AM

The Ting Tings - Fruit Machine

Orgone - Meat Machine

Shifty 05-19-15 09:34 AM

Here's two for you.....Jeff Beck and Imogen Heap

This is AMAZING!!!!

HardyWeinberg 05-19-15 09:42 AM

I stumbled onto this Bob Dylan interview from 6 yrs ago, it seems to be him speaking plainly which I have never really heard before

Bob Dylan Exclusive Interview: Reveals His Favorite Songwriters, Thoughts On His Own Cult Figure Status

mconlonx 05-19-15 09:47 AM

caffein8ed 05-19-15 10:12 AM

KMFDM - Apathy

Satanic Surfers - Callousness

Pearl Jam - Indifference

Deal4Fuji 05-20-15 07:15 AM

Originally Posted by caffein8ed (Post 17818632)
The Ting Tings - Fruit Machine
Orgone - Meat Machine

Nice Cafein8...I've referenced Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music on several posts, here's a good spot for it as a add-on - How'd you like to listen to 2 hours of this ? I actually found MMM on a double 8 track package for like .50 in a bargain bin somewhere. It's still in the plastic wrapper, it's going to be worth big bucks someday as a finding a diesel powered Edsel station wagon :)

skidder 05-25-15 07:51 PM

Dont Say No, 2x2 (a little somethin for every musical taste):

chewybrian 05-26-15 03:47 AM

Deal4Fuji 05-26-15 05:54 AM

Sounds Like #2

I'm a fan of New Zealand singer Gin Wigmore and her unique gravelly voice. I've posted several of her songs on MMM, and one here as on 2forT. Now there's an American singer with a song on the radio, blond hair, tat's & a gravelly voice who sounds just like Gin Wigmore !!! Her name is Elle King and she's the daughter of comedian Rob Schneider. I don't think she's ripping off Gin W, as she's been around a while - just interesting how much they sound alike. I like both of these songs:

Gin Wigmore
Elle King

chewybrian 05-26-15 07:00 AM

Originally Posted by Deal4Fuji (Post 17837354)
her unique gravelly voice.

Was she born with it, or did she 'earn' it through hard livin'?

Before the wild life:

And after:

caffein8ed 05-26-15 09:07 AM

Cake - Easy to Crash

The Sugarcubes - Motorcrash

caffein8ed 05-26-15 10:25 AM

Electric Frankenstein - Feel the Burn (Chronic)

Bad Religion - Let It Burn

caffein8ed 05-26-15 01:23 PM

Mondo Grosso - Anger

fIREHOSE - Anger

Downset - Anger

skidder 06-01-15 08:55 PM

Brave New World:

How about a third? :):

skidder 06-01-15 09:04 PM

Going Down. Freddie King (written by Leon Russell):

and Harry Nillson, written by . . . Harry Nillson:

chewybrian 06-02-15 04:40 AM

Deal4Fuji 06-02-15 06:17 AM

Originally Posted by caffein8ed (Post 17855553)
OFF! - Over Our Heads

More insect spray hardcore :)

Originally Posted by Orange Gato (Post 17852083)
Letters to Cleo

Good ones guys.... OG you come back now, ya hear (in my best Jed Clampett)

I'd hate to have to learn English as a 2nd :)

caffein8ed 06-02-15 08:48 AM

Less Than Jake - Big

Momus - Huge

Pixies - Gigantic

caffein8ed 06-02-15 09:57 AM

Rick James - Big Time

Therapy? - Big Time

Keith Leblanc - Big Time

Peter Gabriel - Big Time

skidder 06-08-15 08:34 PM

Black (Hole) Sun:

skidder 06-08-15 08:43 PM

Here's a spin on Two for Tuesday; two songs with the same melody. Pretty sure 'Hot Asphalt' is the original. Yep, Irish songs; always open to 'creative license'. ;)

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