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Deal4Fuji 01-26-21 07:58 AM

^^^ indoor studio recordings I take it, early Metric
...more Garbage
if it's Canadians & Scots, that's covered too :)

hazetguy 01-26-21 08:05 AM

Originally Posted by Deal4Fuji (Post 21895537)
^^^ indoor studio recordings I take it

:thumb: one studio in particular.

Deal4Fuji 01-26-21 08:41 AM

Originally Posted by hazetguy (Post 21895549)
:thumb: one studio in particular.

Cool ... don't leave us hanging

clemsongirl 01-29-21 12:01 AM

Deal4Fuji 02-02-21 07:52 AM

spotlight on badazz bass player Paz Lenchantin
taking cousin Kim's place with the Pixies, jeez Francis looks terrible
with a perfect circle

gios 02-09-21 02:40 AM

Deal4Fuji 02-09-21 08:02 AM

connection ?? songs that inspired Johnny Marr on How Soon Is Now

gios 02-16-21 02:30 AM

Deal4Fuji 02-16-21 10:11 AM

Just released from Citizen, Blue Sunday

...which naturally leads to my favorite cover of

Deal4Fuji 02-16-21 10:16 AM

^^^ and since c8 has gone missing, I'll fill in. Blue all week :(

Deal4Fuji 02-23-21 07:46 AM

spotlight on drummer Debbie Knox-Hewson

I was impressed on this Charli XCX cover of I Want Candy. She shows real percussion skills working this single floor tom

this live version reminds me of Stewart Copeland in that she's got snappy powerful strokes
When not part of C-XCX's band, she's a member of the all girl band Nasty Cheri and endorses Tama drums & Zildjian cymbals
Nasty Cheri - Win

hazetguy 02-23-21 08:02 AM

hazetguy 02-23-21 08:19 AM

Deal4Fuji 02-23-21 08:25 AM

^^^ :lol: rather than focus on the negative, I like The Paul Collins Beat's attitude - I just want a R&R girl

clemsongirl 02-23-21 03:18 PM

gios 02-23-21 09:59 PM

Deal4Fuji 03-02-21 08:34 AM

From the new Dropkick Murphys LP coming in April

hazetguy 03-02-21 06:22 PM

clemsongirl 03-08-21 07:36 AM

Deal4Fuji 03-09-21 07:34 AM

^^^ bring back the good times :(

The Offspring have shared a lyric video for their brand new single "Let The Bad Times Roll". The song is the title track to their forthcoming album, which is set to be released on April 16th. Frontman Dexter Holland had this to say about the song, "I feel like we're in a unique period in history where instead of our world leaders saying 'we're doing our best' it's more like they're saying 'f*** it' and its really scary." Guitarist Noodles added "Folks are saying, if it's all going to Hell, we might as well make the most out of it, or at least go out swinging. 'Let The Bad Times Roll!'"
new Offspring

hazetguy 03-09-21 07:59 AM

Deal4Fuji 03-16-21 08:59 AM

since we're way to Avril - back on the charts with a new boyfriend & hit song
on Yungblud's show Friday

Bob Ross 03-16-21 11:14 AM

hazetguy 03-16-21 12:51 PM

gios 03-16-21 03:28 PM

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