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Juha 06-15-14 06:43 AM

Anyone know this old MS-DOS game?
Yes, I mean old. 1980's kind of old, if I remember correctly. Me and a couple of friends used to play this when we were students, now we're setting up a reunion and I thought it might be fun to be able to play it again. The problem is, I thought it was called Spider, but all I get from Google is amazing spider-man for MS-DOS kind of crap. Here's an attempt to describe the game:

You begin with a screen size rectangle box with a line bouncing around inside (think screen saver). You control a small dot that can run along the box edge and also "cut" through the rectangle, drawing a line. If the bouncing line hits you or the line when you're drawing, you lose one life. If you manage to cut through to the other side of the box, dividing the box in two, the bouncing line will be limited to the part of the box where it was when you connected. If you manage to cut more than 50% (I think) of the box, you receive points, manna, bonus, you name it - and you start again with the full size box, only this time the bouncing line moves faster, there may be several bouncing lines etc.

Really simple game, especially the so called graphics of it. But strangely addictive. If anyone can remember the name (apparently not Spider), that'd be great. Thanks in advance.

--J ye old one

ahsposo 06-15-14 07:07 AM

Sounds sort of like Qix that I played on a Gameboy...

paulkal 06-16-14 06:26 AM

I used to play a similar game on the Commodore 64, Styx.

jsharr 06-16-14 08:23 AM

RGB Classic Games - All games that can be played online

Juha 06-17-14 06:19 AM

Styx it is. Found it at as a GPL released remastered version.

Thank you everyone!


spinnaker 06-17-14 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by jsharr (Post 16855066)

Rats no Leisure Suit Larry.

RideMyWheel 06-18-14 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by spinnaker (Post 16859765)
Rats no Leisure Suit Larry.

I've got you covered: Leisure Suit Larry 1 playthrough - YouTube

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