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paintballdude 03-26-05 09:37 PM

Hey, is the PSP really worth getting, or is it just a waste of money. Does anyone have one, and do you have to pay extra for all the features.


Another MTBiker

Chucklehead 03-26-05 09:51 PM

i just want to know what the psp is...

arboc! 03-26-05 09:58 PM

play-station personal

arboc! 03-26-05 10:03 PM

its an awful lot of money for somthing that doesnt serve that much of a purpose, imean play video games and being a nerd in the safety of your home is one thing, but where are you going to go where you need to play video games, and there isnt a tv? the only logical purpose i see is long car rides when you arent driving or talking to anybody.... so its for traveling-anti-social-video-game-nerds. id rather have my ps2 thanks.

forum*rider 03-26-05 10:12 PM

not worth it IMO.

I get carsick when reading/watching movies/playing games in the car so it's pretty much useless for me.

I sure as heck ain't bringing something that expensive with me to school.

arboc! 03-26-05 10:28 PM

yeah, its just asking to get stolen

MadMan2k 03-26-05 11:25 PM

I wouldn't buy one myself, but it's a cool gadget. I'd rather a large hard drive based MP3 player.

ChAnMaN 03-27-05 12:37 AM


Originally Posted by dirtjumpP.1
play-station personal

isnt it play station portable?

Raiyn 03-27-05 12:42 AM

I'm waiting for PS3

CdCf 03-27-05 01:37 AM

A PS2 is certainly portable, but not in the sense that you can use it while carrying it around... :)

J-McKech 03-27-05 02:27 AM

Get a game boy :D

Stacey 03-27-05 06:32 AM

It's hard to drive and play video games, or am I the only one who has a license? :)

recursive 03-27-05 06:34 AM


Originally Posted by Stacey
It's hard to drive and play video games, or am I the only one who has a license? :)

No, I have a driver's license too. But you may be the only one who has a car. I only use a PSP while riding my bike. ;)

operator 03-27-05 10:08 AM

Take the money you would've spent on a psp, and buy a crapload of beer, women or a fast bike.

I guarantee you'll thank me later.

madbiker555 03-27-05 04:06 PM


Originally Posted by Raiyn
I'm waiting for PS3

Possible picture?

The PSP is a waste of money unless you're a game freak.

phantomcow2 03-27-05 04:09 PM

Spend the $ on a new fork, its healthier for you

Maelstrom 03-27-05 04:47 PM

Does it not work as a portable dvd player as well? Personally, if travel by bus or plane a lot it is well worth it.

forum*rider 03-27-05 04:54 PM

yeah, it's a game system, DVD player and I believe it can play CD's as well.

Basically just a portable playstation2 like the name suggests.

Maelstrom 03-27-05 05:05 PM

Whats the msrp supposed to be.

MadMan2k 03-27-05 06:33 PM

$250 or so.

arboc! 03-27-05 06:39 PM

what do the games look like?.... that thing looks to small for cds and dvds

Maelstrom 03-27-05 06:42 PM

Well at 250$...I would buy it. I have a use for a portable game/dvd player for sure.

arboc! 03-27-05 06:52 PM

it doesnt look like it could fit a dvd in it....

arboc! 03-27-05 06:57 PM

ahh, heres one of the games, i dont think this thing plays normal dvds

arboc! 03-27-05 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by madbiker555

its hard to tell, there are no official pictures out yet, but alot of possibilitys
heres some i dug up

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