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Jamtastic 03-27-05 01:47 PM

Summer in New York City
This summer ill be doing an internship with the documentary company The Center for New America Media in manhattan. I was just gonna get a list of all the places that you nyc'ers think is necessary to see. ill be there for 4 weeks. i work 4 days a week so ill have some free time. also what track stores should i visit.

boots 03-27-05 02:09 PM

Start reading like it was the Mormon bible. Drink at Sophie's on 6th between A & B. If you're going to be here end of June-early July, register for CMWC. Get better tires, or start carrying a whole bunch of tubes. Get a better lock. Get a better haircut. Or, get a worse haircut, because NO ONE WILL EXPECT IT!

wangster 03-27-05 02:37 PM

Go get dumplings at the dumpling house on eldridge and grand... oh and yeah a giant chain and lock.

neptunetitan 03-27-05 03:15 PM

just make sure you ride over every bridge in town, you havent seen nyc until you do that.

wangster 03-27-05 03:20 PM

especially the williamsburg's an experience onto itself...

ultra-g 03-27-05 03:25 PM

Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendity (East 61st or 62nd)

I haven't been there in ages, but the frozen hot chocolate is awesome.

BostonFixed 03-27-05 08:10 PM

For nyc shops, there's trackstar- exclusively track stuff. Ask on the ss/fixie board about more nyc track friendly shops...

Ubie 03-27-05 08:56 PM

I would highly suggest Shakespeare in the Park, i don't know which they're doing this year, but last year it was Much Ado About Nothing, and Henry V the year before that. Best of all, it's free.
As for bars and such... The Belgian Fry Bar at 123 2nd Ave (near W. 4th i think?) has the best fries you've ever had, and are connected to the Belgian Beer Bar, for some of the best beer you've ever had. Nothing like a night of beer and fries dipped in 30 different kinds of mayo, mmmm! I'm also partial to Grassroots and the Telephone bar on 2nd ave, and a place called the Sidewalk Cafe on like ave A and e. 6th. A guy named Latch shows off the Antifolk scene there, no cover, 2 drink minimum i think. I've seen some great acts there, Regina Spektor, Grey Revel, The Moldy Peaches, and Hammel on Trial. I've also seen some terrible ones, but luckily they have a pool table downstairs.
If you're looking for good food, as already mentioned Serendipity III is good, but the lines can be insanely long. There is a Dylan's Cany Bar on the corner though while you wait. I'd also recommend Mama Mexico's on 102nd and Broadway (not the midtown one, ech). Great americanized mexican food, live mariachies there too. For BBQ i'd hit Brothers BBQ, i don't remember the cross street but they're right at where Verick becomes 7th ave. If you're looking to get stone drunk on a sunday afternoon, you probably can't beat Down the Hatch at 179 w. 4th street. They at least used to run a special; $18 for three pitchers of beer and all the wings you can eat from 1-5pm.
For more cultural events, hit the museums, Natural History on 81st and CPW is dowright amazing, you can easily get lost in there. Added bonus, Bicycle Renaissance is right there too. Also make sure you go to the Bronx Zoo and MoMA.
There are literally a million more things to list, you'll never get to even a tiny portion of it in one summer. Go out, wander around, you will be amazed at what you see here, the good, the bad and the downright bizarre.

ch0mb0 03-28-05 02:28 PM

If you want to have a resource for a lot of quick references in the city, go to a bookstore and get yourself the "NFT" black book for NYC.

Jamtastic 03-29-05 10:32 AM

are there any places to stay for amonth that arnt extremely expensive.?? any ideas

ch0mb0 03-29-05 12:03 PM

hmm...maybe you can find a 1 month sublet from craigslist.
It's possible

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