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Chucklehead 03-29-05 12:37 AM

can't wait! i saw the last one in '93 before it lost its funding. the superbike weekends have been cool, but you just can't beat GP bikes whether they're 2st or 4st. anyone else taking a trip to monterey in july?

Stacey 03-29-05 05:52 AM


There's no such thing as a 4 stroke GP bike, if they're fourstroke let 'em run in super bike or formula extreme! The GP is for two strokes and two strokes only! So says this purist :mad:

Maybe, I should go clean house in Supersport class with my RZ350, now wouldn't Suzy suck a pickle?


Chucklehead 03-29-05 11:19 AM

i don't get it. what part of my post is BS?
the 500's weren't getting any faster or better, for that matter. i didn't like any more than you or anyone else at first, but what were they supposed to do? since they brought the 4st bikes in, they have picked up where the 500's left off about four years before their demise, and the competition has gotten tight since mick doohan left the scene.
now...if you really, really believe you could even sniff the exhaust of a modern supersport bike(in the hands of a competent pilot) with an RZ350, i'd love to see it. light weight and corner speed wouldn't be enough to help you on anything bigger than the streets of willow. now, if you bumped a 600 up to current GP standards, you'd be lapped after two or three trips around the track:lol:

( was '94. i was there! i have pictures and a race program, dammit!)

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