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goodcatjack 04-11-05 11:17 PM

PS2, XBox, or wait and get the new XBox?
Hey guys,

I'm not really much of a video game player, but a buddy of mine's been telling me some pretty cool stuff about what's out there. Like, we were thinking how cool it would be to play each other online in some game of our choice, like after work, when obligations kept us at home.

So what's the feeling out there? Is one better than the other? Should I wait for the new XBox, even though I don't know when it's coming out? Am I leaving another game system out?

(Oh, I'm really not into sports or racing games, if that makes a difference; I'm more into 1st person perspective, action/shooting games.)



[bEn] 04-11-05 11:42 PM

I say wait till the next Playstation comes out (PS3). Some say it comes out in October this year or early next year, but i'm not too sure about the new X-BOX. Atm i prefer the PS2.

Raiyn 04-12-05 01:18 AM

PS3 I just don't like the X-box controller

anthonaut 04-12-05 02:17 AM

Me neither, its wayyy to big, just like the xbox. I prefer gamecube controllers but if i were to pick, id get a ps2/3

[bEn] 04-12-05 02:39 AM

I here X-BOX has better grahpics, but not by much only marginly. But i would still prefer the PS2. That new slimline one looks pritty good.

operator 04-12-05 10:12 AM

Pfft, console. PC is where it's at.

Ubie 04-12-05 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by MERTON
get a gamecube. it's got zelda and metroid and RE.

Don't forget Soul Caliber II! It's the only thing that keep my roommate and me from killing each other sometimes. Or keeps me from throwing the guitar out the window, or punching holes in the wall, or, well you get the idea. And before some smartie-pants says 'go ride your bike instead', sorry, but it just doesn't compare to taking a giant axe and beating the hell out of Link.

madbiker555 04-12-05 03:54 PM

PS2 or wait till PS3 comes out.

Boresville 04-12-05 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by operator
Pfft, console. PC is where it's at.

Exactly. Especially if you're looking to play online.

DriveBy 04-12-05 06:26 PM


Originally Posted by Raiyn
PS3 I just don't like the X-box controller

I still don't get people that choose their gaming system based on the controller. You do know they make different controllers, right? ;)

I've got GC, PS2, and XBox. I replaced all the controllers so that they're all the same size and about the same shape.

sarsparilla 04-12-05 08:01 PM

As a self proclaimed hardcore gamer, I have to say that the PC is #1, but Xbox is second in line. If people don't like the xbox controllers they can get adaptors to use ps2 controllers w/xbox. Also, Xbox Live makes it so easy to play online with your friends.

If you really can only get one system within say the next year and a half then I'd say wait for XboxNext (I think that's what it's gonna be called). Here's some links for info on it, it's gonna be bretty amazing. Just check out the specs.

(GAMESPY) - We Got Next...Part 1
(GAMESPY) - We Got Next...Part 2

MadMan2k 04-12-05 10:31 PM

I already have a great gaming PC, but I think I might buy an Xbox to mod it.

I might also get a PS3 when they come out, depending on the cost...

arboc! 04-12-05 10:37 PM

ps2 is low priced, and has more sports games. i wouldnt wait for the new x box or ps3, because i have a feeling they will both be quite expensive. i would only wait for the new ones if i were an avide gamer

Raiyn 04-12-05 11:32 PM


Originally Posted by DriveBy
You do know they make different controllers, right? ;)

Still don't like them and I refuse to give Micro$oft more of my money than what they already have

J-McKech 04-12-05 11:34 PM

Forget it dude. You like 1st person action games? Get an Xbox and Halo2, get online and have a ball. It's by far the best game I have ever played. I also play FF online so thats my 2 games.

goodcatjack 04-13-05 12:02 AM

I like that answer, Hammer. I think my choice is clear, except for whether it's worth it to wait for the new XBox?

Dirtbike 04-13-05 12:33 AM

I have an Xbox and like 3 games. Halo 2 is by far my favorite. My xbox's cd drive is very gay and fails to read discs alot. The newer ones dont do this anymore.

anthonaut 04-13-05 01:16 AM

If i were to get a console I'd get a PS2/3. However, i think PC gaming is way better because internet gaming is easy to do, the graphics kick any console's ass, you have a mouse and you can constantly upgrade it.

Raiyn 04-13-05 01:17 AM

I like my PS2 and the dozen games I have for it

blue_neon 04-13-05 01:45 AM

I got a Ps2 and it kicks ass! Not to mention it is smaller, playes Ps1 games, has the orignal and the best controller, has a wider range of games and it has a brand name you can trust (SONY!) unlike the Xbox which is fat, controllers also need a diet, has a lesser range of games and is run by a brand you can't trust (Microsoft!). Thats my opinion.. gO dA pS2!! ;)

J-McKech 04-13-05 02:24 AM

Depends on whether you want to wait for the new system. I think Xbox and Halo2 are worth it to buy and play online but thats just me. My comment on the xbox controller, lot's of people hate it but for 1st person shooter guys the controller is set up perfect, ABSOLUTLY perfect. You have your triggers on your trigger fingers, thumbs are on the sticks so you can look and move. All the buttons are close together for jump, change weapon, melee, reload. Of course thats all for Halo2 controls. The only that sucks it trying to talk to your team buttons and having to go way out of the way and push the white button, but you get use to it. What do you other guys say?

KrisPistofferson 04-13-05 02:26 AM

PS2s are pretty cheap now, so why not just get one and then get the PS3 when it comes out. There's a whole lot of rad games you can get for $20, too. Final Fantasy X and Ratchet and Clank are two of the coolest games I've ever played.
I tend to wonder, since Bill Gates has that Spaceballs image and everything, if the Xbox will end up dominating the industry, the way Sony does now.I wish that some games weren't strictly for other consoles, I'll be danged if I'm gonna buy one of each!

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