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himespau 02-01-15 10:00 AM

February Photo Thread.
I guess it's my turn to pick the theme for the month. I'm going to go with "Rest", whatever that means to you.

The rules are simple:
-You must be the photographer
-One entry per month
-Try making it an image from the last year.

- Vote for your top 3
- No voting for yourself

And if you are the winner one month ... you're in charge the month after the next. For example ... if you win in January, you're in charge of March. If you win in April, you're in charge of June.
You pick the theme, you count the votes, you announce the new winner.

Second and third most votes = Honorable Mentions

macfred 02-04-15 08:28 AM

I try this one

--- by macfred64, on Flickr

WhyFi 02-04-15 07:41 PM

Hmmmm... I don't have too much recent stuff that fits, but when in doubt, go with a cat...?

mort1369 02-07-15 07:22 PM

c0urt 02-12-15 08:10 PM

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how many cat pics are we waiting to get

macfred 02-14-15 04:24 PM

Originally Posted by c0urt (Post 17549777)
how many cat pics are we waiting to get

Here you are (outside of competition) takes a nap by macfred64, on Flickr by macfred64, on Flickr

clemsongirl 02-16-15 07:44 PM


cuda2k 02-20-15 06:29 AM

Rev 02-20-15 08:26 AM

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7th Street Baltimore June 2014 -- The street preacher had one man engaged while another "rested."
Moral of that story: If you snooze you lose.

Machka 02-25-15 04:38 AM

Catching a nap on the beach ...

nondes 02-28-15 11:47 AM

Pausing between voles...

himespau 03-01-15 12:59 PM

Well, there weren't many entries (I didn't get around to finding one myself), but I guess it's time to vote.

I'll go first Whyfi, Clemsongirl, Nondes

skijor 03-01-15 01:29 PM

nondes (although he looks more like he's pining for the fjords than resting)

c0urt 03-01-15 04:35 PM

he may be pining for the fields

(i would have to hear the skit again)

nondes 03-01-15 04:58 PM

Originally Posted by c0urt (Post 17594960)
he may be pining for the fields

(i would have to hear the skit again)

No, it's fjords (though this bird might actually be seen there, unlike the non-existent Norwegian Blue Parrot)

c0urt 03-01-15 06:02 PM

thanks I will find it shortly

bonus, epic special effects,

macfred 03-02-15 02:50 AM

- nondes

- Whyfi

- clemsongirl

colorider 03-02-15 07:26 AM


WhyFi 03-02-15 08:03 AM


no motor? 03-02-15 12:11 PM


nondes 03-02-15 05:40 PM


Machka 03-03-15 03:24 AM


Rev 03-03-15 09:16 PM


clemsongirl 03-03-15 11:46 PM


himespau 03-09-15 08:10 AM

Looks like no one has voted in 5 days, so we can close the votes.

Congrats to Nondes, looks like you're up to set the theme for April.

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