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shabbasuraj 04-14-05 04:57 AM

Tiger is coming...
Some here might care...

iamlucky13 04-15-05 08:03 PM


Sorry, I'm more interested in Windows Longhorn due to my vain and probably misplaced hope that IE 7 will truly be independent of the OS like they claim it will be and will finally be standards compliant. Even more silly of me, I'm hoping the OS will be secure enough that they won't have to release service packs that crash the system for the multitude of clueless users I have to help out with their viruses and spyware and browser toolbars.

Crashtest 04-15-05 09:36 PM


Originally Posted by shabbasuraj
Some here might care...

Yay! Can't wait. I got the Mac mini a couple of months ago.

hi565 04-16-05 08:04 AM

What are the specs for the mini personally it looks like crap, but im not sure.

My friend who is a website designer just got the G5 super computer, not the crappy one where its like a mac but the one with the actualy computer and moniter. Three fans, liquid cooling. It kicks ARSE! of course I hate macs becxause of the horrible ones at my school.

Crashtest 04-16-05 12:53 PM


Originally Posted by hi565
What are the specs for the mini personally it looks like crap, but im not sure.

The spec's are nothing amazing. I got the 1.42 Ghz G4 with an 80 GB drive. I put 1 gig of ram in it, and it performs very nice. The point was to get a machine I could run OS X on, and I can't afford the cool G5 box like your friend has. My 2.2 Ghz P4 which runs Linux has more power, but the OS X operating system just rocks.

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