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cycleprincess 04-14-05 11:20 PM

Is there an AA for me?
I am a clothes horse. I admit it. I have more clothes then I know what to do with. I wear some of them, I wouldn't even say most of them, holy cow... I need to stop. I wasn't always like this. Before (when I was really heavy) I didn't like/want to shop for obvious reasons. But now that I am thin (er) I am a crazy woman, I can't resist a sale, even if I don't need it. Just this year I have spent over $500 in clothes. If I add that to what I spent last year, mercy...I could have a really nice Bianchi in my garage, to keep my other Bianchi company. I am totally an impulse shopper, and I have heard of addictions like that. So that is what makes me think this might be a sickness of some sort. I like to look nice, in fact I am often complimented on how "put together" I am. But I think it's gone too far. HELP!! Not to mention I am getting the "we need to watch our spending" speech entirely too often.

Maelstrom 04-14-05 11:40 PM

Self control?

You need to find some healthy addiction to work with to replace it. Either that or find out why (the real reason) you buy all these clothes.

Allister 04-14-05 11:44 PM

How long has it been going on? It could just be a 'honeymoon' thing with your new found slimness. It'll probably pass, but in the meantime, 'admitting you have a problem is the first step towards healing', so you're getting there.

forum*rider 04-14-05 11:59 PM

Your like my aunt.

Maybe you should try to find something else to occupy your time. She(my aunt) took up crocheing(sp? It's like knitting but only with one needle) and makes jewelry.

Here is her site:

capsicum 04-15-05 04:06 AM

Buy the bike now so you won't have the money for clothes.:)

or like I do with everything say to yourself "I don't need it today" everytime you wish to buy some clothes, "not today" every day; that way it feels more like delay and less like denial. And if you do need something that day think really hard about whether you really need it, or if you could make do just fine with something you already have (keep in mind that in the vast majority of the cases, you can make do with what you have.)

Just say NO! each individual item, "...babysteps, bob, baby steps."

RedHairedScot 04-15-05 09:23 AM

Serious answer: channel your urges by helping some poor sucker out.

I *never* know what to buy or what to wear. I'm a grad student so half the time on campus I wear t-shirts from (running) races. I don't have a good sense of what looks good on me, and there aren't a huge number of well-dressed red-haired guys to imitate. I tend to shop online because one of my ex-gf's has a decent fashion sense (and we're still friends) so I can ask: "What about this?" and she'll say . . .nahhh.

So consider it a charity! Help some poor engineering nerd dress well enough to get a date!

snowy 04-15-05 09:36 AM

HA HA HA, you have ONLY spent $500.00 this year on clothes. I don't even want to tell you what I have spent on clothes. One of my friends came over not to long ago and she was like OMG, you have alot of clothes. I love to shop!! Its what I do best!!! Sorry I can't help ya!!!

catatonic 04-15-05 09:56 AM

Be glad it's not computers....once I buy my next upgrade I will have thrown over $1400 in this machine, this year alone.

For what it's worth, I'm working on a quiet gamerig, so far it's for all reasons barely audible in a quiet room...costed me tons to get there.

Shifty 04-15-05 10:08 AM

You should open a trendy resale clothing shop, buy it, sell it then buy some more. Put in a section for men's cycle clothing, that will get the ladies streaming in to watch the guys try on the latest shorts and tights.

SpiderMike 04-15-05 12:43 PM

I wonder if you get a tax deduction for clothing your nearest nudist colony.

Seriously, it starts with you. Seems you got the speeches already.
The only factor of my clothes ---- It can't show crack, especially when on the bike.

royalflash 04-15-05 12:59 PM

Ive not been able to stop my wife :( so I dont think I can be of much help here

A.troll 04-15-05 09:20 PM

Nekkid, nekkid, nekkid! Then there will be no need to shop!


MetalHead90 04-15-05 11:08 PM

500 BUCKS!!! like me and go to Value Village, great crap...great price. I mean I got a suede jacket there for like 26 bucks when it retailed at like 450! Just shop at Value Village and get all the crap you want, you probably won't go over the 150 mark.

Blackberry 04-16-05 07:35 AM

Life is short. Have fun. At least that's what I tell myself while dropping more money than the GDP of some countries on a new camera lens. :cry: :lol: :mad: :)

KirkeIsWaiting 04-16-05 08:45 AM

[QUOTE=cycleprincess] Just this year I have spent over $500 in clothes. /QUOTE]

And you think $500 is a lot of money to spend on clothes?
Is that just one shopping trip? That's shoes and a handbag for me.
Priced riding clothes yet? how 'bout a decent pair of bike shoes. Not to mention shorts that are worth buying and base layers.

KirkeIsWaiting 04-16-05 08:50 AM

Originally Posted by Blackberry
Life is short. Have fun. At least that's what I tell myself while dropping more money than the GDP of some countries on a new camera lens. :cry: :lol: :mad: :)

$640 at B&H photo this week. Another $250 at newegg. Lense, filters, step down ring, 'nother memory card, ect.

CdCf 04-16-05 11:19 AM

I don't even think I've spent the equivalent of $500 on clothes in the past 5-6 years...

cycleprincess 04-17-05 10:29 AM

Yeah, when I said I spent more then $500 in clothes, it's actually closer to $800, because I wasn't including what I spent on shoes. I bought a pair of super cute "diva heels" I call them because they make me feel like diva when I wear them. Anyway, $190. My husband almost had a coronary. That's when I got the final speech. So I am going to try my hardest. Lord knows I don't NEED anymore clothes, shoes etc since I don't wear most of the ones I have now. But there is one more thing I have to buy, then no more. I want the cycling sandals from REI, with the spd clips. Yeah, gotta have those. I was at Group Expidetion this weekend for training and they have vendors who come in and sell their stuff. OMG tons of really great fitness clothes, and I didn't buy a single sports bra or pair of shorts. I did buy music because I need that, since I'll hopefully be teaching by fall. But no clothes. Yay me!! It is all about self control, you nailed it...I just don't have any. I still struggle with declining the cheesecake after dinner!

forum*rider 04-17-05 05:13 PM

Eh, I don't have any self control.

I also don't have any money, so my compulsive bike upgrading problem is solved!:D

joeprim 04-18-05 10:56 AM

What A.Troll said is what occred to me -;)

Remember cloths are ugly - it's you that gives them shape and makes them pretty. I think it is just a reaction to loosing weight and being happy with how you look.


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