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Shifty 04-15-05 05:14 PM

Happy Birthday Ziggurat!
A Friday Birthday, stay up late and have fun!!

midgie 04-15-05 05:21 PM

HAPPY B-DAY TO YA!!! :bday:

Serpico 04-15-05 06:23 PM

how do you guys know when birthdays are..?

(thanks, btw)

midgie 04-15-05 06:26 PM


Originally Posted by Ziggurat
how do you guys know when birthdays are..?

(thanks, btw)

Its at the bottom of the page, after members names.

pitboss 04-15-05 06:35 PM

Zigg - Happy BDay

KrisPistofferson 04-15-05 06:56 PM

:bday: Your user name might be a Martian racial slur, but I still think you're WAY cool!

*new*guy 04-15-05 07:21 PM

happy birthday:)

A.troll 04-15-05 09:23 PM

Happy birthday!

:bday: :bday: :bday:

LordOpie 04-15-05 09:30 PM

happy b-day Ziggy!

HigherGround 04-15-05 10:59 PM

Happy birthday Z! :beer: Keep the great posts coming - I especially liked your one about forum moderators screening pictures to prevent ugly bikes from getting posted!


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