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JanMM 11-06-18 07:28 PM

e-bike threads to Electric Bikes forum?
Would there be support for moving most electric bike threads to the ....................Electric Bikes subforum?

Bandera 11-06-18 07:45 PM

Not "most", All.

badger1 11-19-18 02:58 PM

Yes. +1000.

Rootman 11-21-18 08:58 AM

Generally yes, if the subject pertains to the E part of ebike. If someone posts something in another sub about his ebike because he wants recommendations on a saddle, or pedals or something, then I'd say let it be.

unterhausen 11-21-18 09:15 AM

we move threads there on a case by case basis. There are some threads that don't belong in other forums, but I'm not seeing any right now.

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