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Iride01 03-19-20 08:52 AM

Notifications - strange behavior
When I get a notification and then go to the drop-down list from the bell and select a notification item, I sometimes just get taken to my profile page. Is this because I may have already browsed that thread that I got the notification for even though the drop list still shows alerts?

I think I did recently enable pop-ups or perhaps it was push notifications from this site. Although it was a few weeks after doing that before I had this issue happen, which is only been in the last week or two. It happens on two different machines using chrome.

IBJoel 03-19-20 09:36 AM

Essentially this is just the page being slow to load. Your profile contains your mentions and who quoted you on different tabs.

Rollfast 03-27-20 06:30 PM

Which link are you clicking?

And what is your browser?

The new Edge seems to do interesting things, as evidenced by users of the volunteer help forums site for Microsoft users.

Try a different browser and report the results, please.

For example only I use Windows 10 and Linux Mint 19.3. both with the current available versions of Firefox. If you cannot upgrade to something more recent than the last ESR version I would really suggest finding a different computer/device, easily found on at least Craigslist.

You can use whatever else you like but the point is to determine if Edge or whatever is causing the problem. Also a good thing to run without add-ons/minimal apps and add them in gradually...S. Holmes stuff, still good practice.


PS Make sure you are fully updated as well, you would be surprised how well that helps. One bum update unchecked is like a constant string of punctures.

Rollfast 03-29-20 08:52 PM

PS More than 15 email notifications seems to trigger the rest of them going to Junk in mail...

Iride01 04-07-20 10:47 AM

Sorry I've been absent from the conversation and questions ask. Curious I missed these question in the notifications, but they were ask in the time period I was having the most issues with it. However, in the time between posts the issue seems to have gone away. If it happens frequently again, I'll try Edge and other browsers and see what results from that.

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