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Barry2 07-08-21 08:02 AM

Display Options broken
update: It’s back and functional.
Here is an example.. Sort by thread start time, limit 2 months

Dear Admins
In high traffic forums I set the “Display Options” to sort by “Thread Start Time”
This surfaces only the most recent Threads.
I then save the modified URL so I can revisit each time with those options set.

The problem…
Display Options are no longer encoded into the URL
Can I get access to adjust the default in my user profile please?



tharlandth 07-20-21 02:32 AM


Barry2 07-20-21 07:57 AM

It works great, you donít spend time looking at Threads from previous days that you already read.
I donít miss replies to threads I contribute to, the subscription function tracks those for me.

All the best


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