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1Mule 09-12-21 07:09 PM

How to cancel bike forum subscription.
Anyone know how to unsubscribe from paid membership here? I'm not seeing how to do it and I can't get a moderator to respond to an email.

GlennR 09-12-21 07:22 PM

Might ask here:

unterhausen 09-12-21 08:49 PM

Moved here from General

You have to cancel it from paypal.

cb400bill 10-25-21 10:29 AM

How to Cancel Your Paid Membership Auto Renew on Paypal
How to cancel the membership auto renew on Paypal:

Log into your Paypal account.
Click on Settings (the little gear).
Cick on Payments.
Click on Manage Automatic Payments.
Then just follow the prompts.

L Arnold 12-02-21 07:59 AM

Fishing through PayPal
With some difficulty, I found that if I went to last years payment record on Paypal, there is then a link to "manage automatic payments there". You can cancel there.
Other links I had seen for managing payments did not show themselves when I went looking. This one did.

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