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AI generated posts

Old 05-20-24, 04:31 PM
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AI generated posts

I think there has been a discussion but I can't find it. I've recently seen a few AI generated responses by actual members, not just the random bot spam that is deleted. I assume nobody wants BF to be overrun by this stuff. Maybe a sticky somewhere or addition to the FAQs?
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Old 05-20-24, 06:52 PM
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True to my nature I have a tendency to be somewhat of a smart-ass, so apologies in advance. To me AI is the perfect response to posts which are either obvious triggering troll attempts or it can be a reasonable response to very simple challenges new cyclists experience. Recently we had the guy who hated on group rides and then advocated riding alone in a very critical manor, Mr. Seatpost that doesn’t fit then argued with everyone who tried to help and a person who was actually asking for help on mounting a tight tire where a clear explanation was helpful before the usual suspects get on board with their deranged thread derailing responses. My recommendation is the forum institutes a system where the first response to every thread is AI generated to allow for some logic and reasoning to start the thread response. Let’s start with yours.

To maintain the quality and authenticity of our discussions, I propose we address this issue proactively. Here are a few suggestions:

1. **Community Guidelines Update**: We could update the community guidelines to clarify the use of AI-generated content. For instance, members could be required to disclose if a response was generated by an AI.

2. **Sticky Post**: A sticky post could be created to inform members about the issue, explaining why we value human input and how to recognize and report AI-generated responses.

3. **FAQs Addition**: Adding a section to our FAQs about AI-generated content could help educate members. This section could include how to identify AI responses and the potential impact on community engagement.

4. **Moderation Tools**: Implementing or enhancing moderation tools to detect and flag AI-generated content could help maintain the integrity of our discussions.

I'd love to hear what others think about this and any additional ideas you might have. Let's work together to keep our community authentic and engaging.
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Old 05-20-24, 08:08 PM
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AI is a bodge. It has it's uses for research of datasets and making observations that no human is ever to live long enough to discover. But for what we do here, being used as a replacement for human interaction...Well, what's the point? It devalues the user experience. The human to human interaction is lost.

Anyone can AI an answer to a problem. While we do solve problems here, what the thread starter often needs is understanding. That takes human posters and investment in the human person that's doing the asking. Sort of like the difference between following instructions verses navigating. Navigating is a skill.

AI is not community.
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Old 05-21-24, 09:40 AM
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AI is useful for a person to gather information with. It provides things to think about and consider, but are in no way necessarily accurate.

Creating a AI generated post for everyone else to read is just being lazy and not digesting the information that it was supposed to give you so you could give the OP or other members in the discussion the necessary parts that are immediately pertinent to the discussion.

Back in the days of sitting around at the pub, if I or any of my friends had regurgitated conversation in this AI generated way, then we'd be become a social out cast and not have any friends to drink with or talk to.
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Old 05-24-24, 01:35 PM
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i thought bicycling was a means of harkening back to simplistic times ... AI aint got a lot of useful applications on a BF but for those hell bent on acquiring a baseline methodology it's a portal
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Old 05-26-24, 12:19 PM
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The staff decided to let them slide for now unless posted by a spammer. It has become increasingly obvious that what is called ai is just a way of plagiarizing the web, so maybe we need to start using plagiarism detectors instead.
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Thanks for clarifying the policy. Hopefully it won't become too common.
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