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Pheard 04-21-06 01:24 PM

Whats up with the edits?
Everytime I edit it says when I edited. Thats stupid, why is that on?

[bEn] 04-22-06 01:33 AM

I get it on other forums as well. It annoys me because i usually edit my posts one way or another...

Maelstrom 04-22-06 08:50 AM

Joe likely hasn't turned it off yet.

Dougmt 04-22-06 08:33 PM

Testing 1...2....3... LOL

Siu Blue Wind 04-22-06 10:31 PM

I edit my edits.

Pheard 04-23-06 10:29 AM

Originally Posted by Siu Blue Wind
I edit my edits.

Me too.

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