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seedsbelize 11-15-10 02:21 PM

test 3

seedsbelize 11-15-10 02:24 PM

log in
Ok, thanks all,
I think I have the picture uploading thing down now. Now I have one more problem. I log on when I first arrive, then am asked to log on almost every time I visit another page. Why is this? How can I fix it?

Rollfast 11-22-10 05:10 AM

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You pasted a URL link to your Photobucket not a picture.

To remain logged in properly you must enable COOKIES, otherwise you will experience the constant logins.

Cookies are not spam, they are tags designed to help your browser load faster by coordinating page elements in the cache to reassemble the page when you return to it, refresh it. Without it it could take longer and in many cases only the new data has to be downloaded.

Before I get further into the post, please make certain you are using a MODERN BROWSER. IE7 and 8, 9 is in Beta I believe, Firefox and other current alternative browser versions work best with this platform and many others. IE6 doesn't work very well with anything anymore

You can have your browser save certain cookies and files automatically when you clear the cache, clear it automatically when you close the browser etc through various settings and programs, consult the help/FAQ files of the respective browser or program.

Don't forget to check the box below where you enter your login name "Remember me".

Once that is done you should stay logged in thoughout the session.

In IE 6 and other older browsers you may face being timed out or not remaining logged in.

Setting your browser to open a new window or tab when you click a link also assures you don't leave the site to go to another one, you merely open a new window or tab.

Tabbed browsing is not available in IE6.

NOW: I want you to look at the top row of icons in your reply...There should be a globe with a chainlink "Insert Link" and the box with what looks like a tree "Insert image" then the film strip "Insert video".

The middle "Insert image' is the one you want. A box will appear, paste the address making sure the http... part in the window is pasted over or it will be http http and won't work, that's a quirk of the platform that it ought to recognize and fix but nope it's not made to.

You posted a link to a folder, not a picture. The icon of the globe is for that. Click on the image you want. Either right click and click on Properties the mouse over and copy the URL in the middle of the box (IE)...that is what you paste into the Insert image window.

If all is right a picture will appear in the reply. You can reposition it but not change the size or shape. It's being downloaded straight from the site. If an error occurs (empty space or a box with an X), check your address or try another image type.

When the you or the site remove an image or the site may even fold the Bike Forums server may not be able to find it and the images may not display or a not found message from the internet will may appear. You might want to edit the posts to repair this or remove the links then.

Using the photo uploader in the advanced reply "Go Advanced" or Reply with Quote allows you to post attachments (thumbnails).

Here is one of your images from the address you provided

It doesn't seem to work the same was as it does in ADVANCED, so advanced might be good if you wish to use pictures in their full sized format.

Long explanation but I hope it helps and I appreciate your questions.

peach-picker 11-28-10 09:34 PM

do i have to have a web pictures album to post pics in full size (not the attachment ones where you have to click them to make them larger) please help, thanks!

Rollfast 11-29-10 11:35 AM


Originally Posted by peach-picker (Post 11855224)
do i have to have a web pictures album to post pics in full size (not the attachment ones where you have to click them to make them larger) please help, thanks!


And why did the reply window just teleport to a side pocket, clean off the page twice, where it seemed to have disappeared?

peach-picker 12-03-10 11:09 AM


peach-picker 12-03-10 11:17 AM


peach-picker 12-03-10 12:38 PM

yuyax 12-05-10 12:12 PM

Test from Flickr

yuyax 12-05-10 12:15 PM

Another Test

boulderroad 12-10-10 10:39 AM

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boulderroad 12-10-10 12:35 PM


drisee 12-20-10 01:42 PM


<img src="" border="0" alt="" />

<a href="[email protected]/5277631549/" title="P1000135_2 by Dre's Photos, on Flickr"><img src="" width="334" height="500" alt="P1000135_2" /></a>

digibud 12-26-10 09:53 AM

I can see some inline graphics. Many others I can't see. I posted a pic in the 0ver 50 forum (two pics actually) and others can see it but I can't using the latest (non beta) Firefox on a Mac with no add-ons at all...frustrating.

timmythology 12-27-10 02:13 AM

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Nachoman 01-01-11 07:13 PM


pmcq 01-01-11 07:51 PM

[IMG]<table style="width:194px;"><tr><td align="center" style="height:194px;background:url( no-repeat left"><a href=""><img src="" width="160" height="160" style="margin:1px 0 0 4px;"></a></td></tr><tr><td style="text-align:center;font-family:arial,sans-serif;font-size:11px"><a href="" style="color:#4D4D4D;font-weight:bold;text-decoration:none;">Rose Parade</a></td></tr></table>[/IMG]

CraigB 01-03-11 03:22 PM


Nachoman 01-04-11 04:59 PM


digibud 01-09-11 02:20 PM

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digibud 01-09-11 02:22 PM

nothing I do seems to allow an image to show inline. I have no row of "boxes" that allows me to select a /img type icon. I have removed all add-ons from Firefox and am running OSX on my mac. I won't bother switching to other browsers so either this can be done on Firefox on a mac or it can't....but nothing seems to work to allow me to see these inline at this point.

chewybrian 01-10-11 05:26 PM


chewybrian 01-10-11 05:30 PM

another test

chewybrian 01-10-11 05:39 PM

once more

that way is no go...

dgodave 01-14-11 11:10 AM


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