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Tom Stormcrowe 04-13-10 03:46 PM

Recurring Titanium Charges: Information for Titanium Members
OK, so you got the email that your Titanium Subscription is about to charge to your credit card and you don't want it to for some's how you deal with it.

Q: How do I cancel a paypal based subscription?
A: Log into your paypal control panel.
Click on your history tab.
Find the subscription in your history and click on it.
After the screen redraws, you will be given the option to cancel the subscription or renew it. Select cancel.
You may also find it by doing an advanced search using your subscription number.

PayPal subscriptions cannot be modified.

You must first cancel your existing subscription, then create a new one with your preferred terms.

If you had originally signed up under the old $25 a year rate initially offered, you need to cancel that subscription. Your Titanium will run until the end of that paid period, at the end of which you will revert to your prior status. You can then sign up for Titanium if you so choose under the new rates of $12 a year or $20 for 2 years. These are recurring charges and automated renewal for your convenience. If you don't want to have the automated charge renewal, just wait until your transaction clears and cancel the current subscription again. Your Ti will run for that year or two years you paid for, and then the recharge will fail, and you'll revert to registered user status as a default again at the end of your subscribed period.

Also, the old rate will charge to your card, but fail in a sanity check in our servers, still charge to your card, and revert you to registered status (See ads, etc), since we no longer have the $25 option, so cancel that older $25 subscription before it expires and let it run out before you resubscribe. This is due to limitations in our ability to modify any paypal transactions (As in we simply can't, once Paypal has control of the transaction, only you and paypal can modify, change, or cancel agreements). This is for the security of your funds.

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