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prabbit 08-31-04 03:51 PM

Bike Forums: What's changed?
In addition to

1. Women's forum "disappearing"
2. Barnett's manual really disappearing
3. Five characters minimum for posts

Has anything else been changed, added, removed, or improved?

Joe Gardner 08-31-04 04:58 PM

1) 90% of threads in the womens forum have been moved to the public side, only "womens issues" are now in the womens forum, yes, there is limited access.

2) I can't afford a lawsuit, lawyers scare me.

3) This is'nt new.

Other changes:

New server, its fast. (and expensive!)

Attachments are now shown as thumbnails, and you can attach a dozen images to a single post.

Guest 08-31-04 06:29 PM

Joe grew about an inch too.


WorldIRC 08-31-04 08:43 PM


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