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Rollfast 09-26-12 04:33 AM

At least the You Tube problem has been solved.

SammyJ 10-13-12 02:37 PM

where do you find the app at? not found itunes or goole store..

Carbon Unit 10-13-12 03:00 PM

It looks like hyperlinks don't work in the Android app. Someone would need to copy and paste the link into a browser to launch it.

IBcash 11-08-12 02:14 PM


Originally Posted by Nerdy Norm (Post 14749561)
iOS app gives a connection error, then crashes. I think it's only on wifi, 3G seems OK. Only way to temporarily cure it is to kill the app, then relaunch it.

Hi! Our tech team is working on these issues at the moment. Thank you for your patience! They are having a hard time reproducing this one in particular. Is it still happening? Have others experienced this? Thanks!

alaskanb3arcub 12-24-12 04:04 AM

android update?
I just reinstalled the app and will be removing it again. I would like to actually use the app, but the interface(sync issue in particular) still needs work.

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