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gereonb 09-10-13 05:55 AM

New Vbulletin Exploits in the wild
Hello Admins,
Just as a heads-up, I recommend checking the vbulletin patches as there have been two new exploits in the last week. Many sites have been attacked in the last week using these new exploits.

Rollfast 09-10-13 02:29 PM

Thank you for this important information...I have already forwarded it to another site I'm on and probably another shortly.

Rollfast 09-10-13 03:00 PM

Tom and iBobi: This seems related to the antivirus program troubles related in another thread and a member of another forums site I'm in related the same troubles with Kaspersky. I suspect they are related if not one and the same issue.

Rollfast 09-12-13 10:51 AM

This is probably unrelated but The CABE emailed me this morning and said their front door got hacked...they are also a vB 4 platform I think. It's probably time for me to change passwrods and stuff... :(

Siu Blue Wind 09-12-13 09:57 PM

They are aware of this and are taking steps to take care of it.

Rollfast 09-12-13 10:19 PM

I know. Right now I am spending at least an hour offline running antimalware and virus scans, and finding at least one thing every day. It's getting to be more than a pain in the caboose, now matter where it's coming from and it gets harder to tell somedays. A general downer. It's not that sites X, Y or Zed are a mess, it's that persons feel the need to bother a bunch of nice characters talking about chainguards and horns. Royally dweebish.

I used to be able to SEE the pins to mount the front panel controls and cables from cards to the boards much better...I've REALLY got to get the quad-core online tonight and get this thing reloaded. I'd much rather pack a tape deck and get the estimate tomorrow to finish selling it and sleep. Being up late a lot makes me ache and messes up my blood glucose. I think you know how I feel after over 15 years online.

Night, Siu.

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